10 New Songs You Need This Week

Young Thug, 6LACK, DRAM, and more have songs you need to hear this week.
10 Songs You Need This Week

Good afternoon, loyal readers. It's been another seven days of life on earth, so I must commend you on making it through an entire week of debate about Nicki Minaj album sales, headlines about Pete Davidson, and sitting through the VMAs. May you all find inner peace throughout these struggles.

For those of you unlucky enough to avoid these unfortunate plagues, rest assured that music will help. Cleanse yourself in the waters of 10 New Songs You Need This Week, for it will set you free and on a path to enlightenment you won't find in a debate with toxic Twitter stans about first-week numbers. 

And for our Spotify brethren, breathe easy with the knowledge that a playlist of these selections is just a click away.

Take a deep breath and enjoy...

Young Thug — “Rocket Man (Remix)”

Update (9/25): "High," the official version of Young Thug and Elton John's collaboration, is out now.

Originally, I was set praise “Chanel (Go Get It)” as the highlight of Slime Language, a Thugger-helmed YSL compilation album that was for some reason marketed as a blockbuster Young Thug album through a campaign that sent live snakes to press outlets and further built anticipation through weeks of delays and confusion. I detailed the buoyant production from Wheezy, SinGrinch, and Psymun being a perfect canvas for Gunna and Lil Baby and expressed hope for a future remix including a Thug verse. Then, a lost Thug remix of fellow sartorial god Elton John’s “Rocket Man” leaked, and you should just listen to that instead. 

6LACK — “Nonchalant”

6LACK has the middle-of-the-night in-your-feelings pacing-around-the-house-or-driving-on-an-empty-highway lane on lock. 

DRAM — “Prototype”

Nothing could possibly take the place of André 3000’s Love Below highlight “Prototype,” but DRAM’s recent cover, now released in studio quality for our benefit, carries it’s own magic, transporting you into a dimly lit, intimate performance and carrying all of the emotional weight of its source material. 

Cousin Stizz — “Did It”

Around this time last year, it seemed like Cousin Stizz was primed to make a leap toward mainstream success. While “Headlock” perhaps didn’t catch on like it should have, Boston’s finest is still churning out melodic bangers that show why he only needs one hit to blow. 

Young M.A — “Car Confessions”

Gotta pay moms a visit, damn its been awhile / I been working, she keep telling me, she miss her child / I find myself passing her house then I spin around / She say I'm always movin', ma I just can't sit around.” We really need that Young M.A album now. 

Lauren Faith — “Just a Little”

Last week, prolific producer KAYTRANADA resurfaced with a small drop of instrumentals and remixes. Even better, a new collab with British singer-songwriter Lauren Faith is even sweeter. “Just a Little” is all seduction and vigor, powered by Kaytra’s bleary bounce and perfect for blurry, late-night dance floors.

Reese LaFlare — “Nosebleeds” ft. Young Thug

One of the original founders of trendsetting Atlanta group Two-9, Reese LaFlare has finally unleashed his debut solo album, a self-titled and independent release that shouldn’t be overlooked. “Nosebleeds” finds Reese’s gravelly vocals contrasting nicely with Young Thug’s spirited squeals just days after the two featured on Trippie Redd's "Forever Ever." 

Jack Harlow — “SUNDOWN”

If Jack Harlow’s new album and major-label debut Loose captures the moment the smoke ring hits the bedroom ceiling, “SUNDOWN” is the late-afternoon ride back to the crib to smoke and get ready for the night. 

Hermit and the Recluse — “Sirens”

Ka remains one of New York’s underappreciated bright spots. The 46-year-old wordsmith has resurfaced for his first project since 2016’s Honor Killed the Samurai, joining forces with producer Animoss as Hermit and the Recluse for Orpheus vs. the Sirens, a hazy, airtight concept album dealing in Greek mythology that “unfolds in your mind like a slice of pizza,” as my fellow Booth scribe Dylan Green might say. Start with “Sirens” but make sure you consume as one whole pie.

Reeseynem — “What’s the Hook?” ft. Chance The Rapper

Like many, I wasn’t familiar with Reeseynem until “What’s the Hook?” I am now, and despite the public tide seemingly turning against Chance The Rapper, I’m rocking with it. 

Album of the Week:

Young Thug & Young Stoner Life Records — Slime Language

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