10 New Songs You Need This Week

Future & Juice WRLD, Cardi B, Lil Yachty, and more have songs you need to hear this week.
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10 New Songs You Need This Week

The world's on drugs, but 10 New Songs You Need This Week is here for you with all the comfort of hot soup on a cold day. Actual soup, not the kind that serves as a metaphor on Cardi B's new single, though that might also provide some sort of comfort. 

Enjoy this week's selection of great new music, and if it floats your (lil) boat, enjoy it right here by way of this Spotify playlist

Future & Juice WRLD — “Realer N Realer”

At 16 tracks, WRLD ON DRUGS sits as yet another example of 2018’s rushed-to-market rap landscape where, often, visibility and speed are prioritized over trimming fat and planning. Even still, it would have made a very good six-track EP, with “Realer N Realer” the optimal mix of Juice WRLD and Future’s shared worldview of colorful boasts, sugary melodies, and buoyant production. And drugs. Lots of drugs. 

Cardi B — “Money”

"You gonna eat this ass like soup." Only six months removed from her acclaimed debut Invasion of Privacy, I was admittedly worried that Cardi B's announcement of a new single might be a case of too much too soon. But "Money" bangs and sounds like a hit, so what do I know?

Toro y Moi — "Freelance"

Each new Toro y Moi album promises to be a special affair, veering into a different sonic territory from its predecessor but linked by Chaz Bundick's laid-back eclecticism. The lighthearted funk of "Freelance" points to his next album, Outer Space—due out January 18—being an uptempo departure from 2016's Boo Boo.

Phony Ppl — “Before You Get a Boyfriend.”

Phony Ppl might have had the best album of the week in addition to the one that’s most difficult to spell out. mō'zā-ik is a lush celebration that finds joy in uncertainty, and "Before You Get a Boyfriend." packs enough of that joy to sustain life on Mars.

Jean Deaux — “Work 4 Me” ft. Kari Faux

Jean Deaux’s Krash is a brief but compelling scan of the Chicago artist’s diverse palette. With production from Midwest specialists Saba, THEMpeople, Phoenix, and Smino, the 33-minute project moves from sultry R&B ("Way Out," "Deserve (More)" to riotous, distorted rap ("Krash", "Code"), coming to a head on closer "Work 4 Me."

Lil Peep — “Cry Alone”

R.I.P. Peep. The late emo icon’s Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 2 is set to drop November 9th, and while posthumous releases should always be viewed skeptically, "Cry Alone" is classic Peep. Which also means it's a way more haunting listen following his untimely passing.

Yellow Days — “How Can I Love You?”

Yellow Days is back, his technicolor blues and soulful croak in full effect. Depravity never sounded so beautiful

Action Bronson — “Prince Charming”

I crash more Benzes than when they practice with the dummies.” Bronson told his label to fuck off, started painting his own cover art off DMT breakthroughs, and got to rapping about swimming with dolphins over sun-kissed soul loops from Knxwledge. Inspiring.

Lil Mosey — “Kamikaze”

I came across Lil Mosey in the same way I stumble across many a buzzing young rapper in 2018—by way of Cole Bennett-directed music videos for melodic songs that burrow deep into the pleasure center of my brain against my will. “Noticed” is your standard ode to flexing up and popping beans, but the breakthrough single from the 16-year-old Seattle product—in strictly a geographic sense; Mosey’s style and affiliations are cut from the region-less cloth of the internet—somehow became one of my most-played songs of the year. 

Northsbest, his Interscope debut, doesn’t match the syrupy high of “Noticed,” but Mosey’s melodic drawl and an addictive flip of Immature’s “Never Lie” on “Kamikaze” come close. Oh, and now it has a Cole Bennett video, too.

Lil Yachty — "Get Dripped" ft. Playboi Carti

I'm here for any and all 16-bit trap bangers. 

Album of the Week:

Phony Ppl — mō'zā-ik

Meme of the Week:

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