10 New Songs You Need This Week

J.I.D, Black Thought, Key Glock, and more have songs you need to hear this week.
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10 New Songs You Need This Week

We can always count on Thanksgiving to leave in its wake hangovers, back-to-work anxiety, and a need to hit the gym and rediscover portion control. This year, however, it also brought us some great goddamn rap music. 

As of today, November 27, I don't want to hear any complaints of hip-hop's "lack of bars," as new projects from J.I.D, Benny The Butcher, and Black Thought should surely be enough to please even the staunchest traditionalist. 

Like we always do at this time, here are the 10 songs you need the week, complete with a Spotify playlist for your convenience

J.I.D — “Slick Talk”

activate, activate, actiVATE, ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE.” J.I.D’s DiCaprio 2 lives up to sky-high expectations, with the Dreamville spitter putting his artistic elevation on full display. "Slick Talk" is the explosion that sets the fire in motion, featuring too many quotables to mention, a Travis Porter shoutout, and a beat switch that will knock you on your ass.

BENNY THE BUTCHER — “Broken Bottles”

The Alchemist gives Griselda’s unsung antihero an inconceivably hard backdrop to say things like “These lil niggas satisfied with BAPE outfits / I need a Wraith out it, big shit, lake houses / I’m talking condos just for safe houses, Space Mountain / I’m tryna see so much bread, I gotta take counseling" and "Mob boss like I’m Joe Todaro / My dollars long and my plug got a farm like he Old MacDonald." With Tana Talk 3, arguably the hardest album of 2018, Benny makes it very clear he deserves the praise his GxFR brethren Westside Gunn and Conway garner. 

Armani White — “Onederful”

Today, DJBooth published a guest editorial from Armani White. In it, the Philly native describes his journey of learning humility through the stumbles he’s faced as both an artist and a man, and it’s an excellent read. His new single, “Onederful,” produced by Brasstracks, is even better. 

Key Glock — "Since 6ix"

Memphis' top prospect starts his new Glockoma project off with an absolute banger. 

Black Thought & Salaam Remi — “Soundtrack to Confusion”

Even if one of the greatest lyrical talents in hip-hop’s storied history would rather churn out Funk Flex freestyle projects instead of crafting something a little more apt to stick to your ribs, Black Thought remains unparalleled when it comes to stringing words together. His Streams of Thought alongside Salaam Remi—another showcase of unadulterated rap skills and history lessons—surpass his pairing with 9th Wonder from June. 

Meek Mill — “Oodles O’ Noodles Babies”

Meek Mill waxes poetic about the harsh realities of his upbringing over a gorgeous flip of Mother's Finest's "Love Changes." Championships coming soon.

Smoke DZA — “Get You Some” ft. Buddy

Over a decade in, Smoke DZA remains one of NYC’s most consistent and underrated voices. “Get You Some” pairs his drowsy gruff with Buddy’s velvety West Coast melodicism for laid-back boasts about mobster ties and skirt steak with merlot. 

OBN Jay — “Big Ole” ft. JayDaYoungan

It’s been a fantastic year for melodic, Southern trap over guitar-based beats. 18-year-old Baton Rouge native OBN Jay links up with fellow Lousiana rapper JayDaYoungan to add to that list.

Billie Eilish — “come out and play”

I've been hearing that I should listen to Billie Eilish for months now, and with her gentle, stirring new ballad "come out and play," I have jumped on the bandwagon.

Pivot Gang — "Blood" 

With his opus CARE FOR ME (and "Stay Right Here" from a few weeks ago) in the rearview, Saba could easily coast for the remainder of 2018. Yet here he is alongside Joseph Chilliams, MFnMElo, and FRSH Waters for a new Pivot Gang posse cut. Joseph Chilliams ("Dick clean like I'm Jesus") steals the show. 

Album of the Week:

J.I.D — DiCaprio 2

Meme of the Week:

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