10 New Songs You Need This Week

Gucci Mane, Wiki, Shoreline Mafia, and more have new songs you need this week.
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10 New Songs You Need This Week

Between XXXTentacion's song with Kanye and 49-year-old Ice Cube saying “The beat’s so sweet like booty meat,” I might forgive you for having taken a week off from listening to new music, but dammit there’s gold to be found in them proverbial hills, and we’ll find them all.

As such, here are the 10 best new songs from this week. Listen to these and then go read our "50 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of 2018, Ranked" so we can argue about it on Twitter. 

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Gucci Mane — “Just Like It” ft. 21 Savage

How is it possible that it’s December and Gucci just released his first project of the year? 21 Savage continues a year of show-stealing guest verses, over an ominous, rattling beat from the always Honorable C.N.O.T.E. and G Keep: “N**** I pop it, .50 cal on me so big gotta jump out the car just to cock it.

Wiki — “Elixir” ft. JJ & Obongjayar

According to Wiki, “this ones for those brick nyc nights. for the pissing rain winter days in london.” Considering it’s been two straight weeks of brick nyc nights, it seems like a great time to listen. Wiki says, “Stay smacked only way to stay warm in the winter,” but Jesse James Solomon says, “I spit that inner city, the wind and the way it whisper,” so I can’t tell who had the better verse. Obongjayar’s hook sounds like gospel, though.

Shoreline Mafia — “Bathing Ape”

OhGeesy and Fenix Flexin, the two most prominent members of Los Angeles’ most exciting group, salute Bape fits and illicit entrepreneurial pursuits over a menacing backdrop from go-to producers Ron-Ron and AceTheFace. Merry OTXmas!

Saba — “Papaya” ft. daedaePIVOT

Not only does Saba have one of the best albums of 2018, but he’s closed out the year with a run of must-hear singles.

TM88 & Southside — “Hmmm” ft. Lil Yachty & Valee

Yet another example of why Valee is one of the most exciting rappers in the world, who sounds like he could barely be bothered to even drop a verse as he’s way too busy lounging “at the spot with your bitch, watchin' Borat.” Yachty sounds inspired to keep up, too.

Rico Nasty — “Guap (LaLaLa)”

Less is more. Here, Rico Nasty talking shit over a beat makes me want to throw a table out the window.

JayDaYoungan — “Thot Thot”

Only four months removed from his previous effort, Lousiana’s JayDaYoungan is back with Forever 23, his third project of 2018 and his best to date, made up of 16 tracks, all but one under three minutes. “Thot Thot” is just one of numerous standouts, Jay’s nasally voice floating over clouds of synths.

Big Baby Scumbag — “Major Payne”

Big Baby Scumbag is in-your-face, hilarious, and strikes me as someone who doesn’t really give a shit what I think. In the course of two verses on “Major Payne,” the Tampa native goes from “blowin’ money at the mall I’m using Apple Pay” to “Gucci on my wrist, motherfuck a Apple Watch.” Chugging Bud Lights on flatbeds, rocking Army boots like Major Payne, and taking your girl to Burger King, Big Baby Scumbag is the attainable flex king we need.

Domo Genesis — “Consecutive Normal Punches” ft. Buddy

Domo Genesis claims Facade Records is the appetizer sampler to his upcoming, full-length Genesis follow-up. On “Consecutive Normal Punches,” he teams with fellow laid-back West Coast soul Buddy to go bar for bar over a squirming beat from Mike & Keys.

Rich the Kid — “Splashin”

It feels like it’s been roughly 20 years since Rich The Kid’s album dropped. It was eight months ago. Lab Cook, who also produced “Plug Walk,” along with Frank Dukes, crafts a similarly head-nod-inducing beat for a new single for The World Is Yours 2, maybe.

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Shoreline Mafia — OTXmas

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