Music Chart - July 18, 2011


Welcome to the Booth's Top Independent Hip Hop Chart! As always, your feedback has determined which songs made the cut. Each chart’s lineup is calculated using a special Formula that takes into account member ratings and reviews as well as features’ overall popularity.

After a lengthy reign atop our Independent lineup, Yonas gives up the #1 spot; "A Reason to Breathe" drops to 14th, clearing the way for Chevy Woods' "Crazy" to make its debut on top. The former runner-up, Radical Something's "Escape," drops off the chart entirely, ceding its spot to Freeway single "Listen." All in all, 14 new features earn Independent Chart placement, including a Booth-premiered cut by Radical Something ("Long Hair Don't Care," in ninth).

1. Freeway - Listen

2. Nappy Roots - Congratulations

3. AudioDax - Cruise Control

4. Phil Adé ft. Mac Miller - Incense

5. Muzi ft. Aleon Craft & Spree Wilson - Cold Machine

6. Angel Haze x Das Racist - Jungle Fever (Remix)

7. theBREAX ft. D-Maub - Clap Your Hands

8. Radical Something - Long Hair Don't Care

9. Poach Stevens - Parachutes

10. Smokey Robotic - Bazooka

11. Jake Miller - Hey You!

12. The Vibrant Sound - Gold Digger

13. Yonas - A Reason to Breathe

14. Devin Miles - SuperBad

15. Mr. J. Medeiros ft. Stro - Serious

16. TWO ft. Maika Maile - O.B.A.E.

17. The Cool Kids ft. Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper & Boldy James - Roll Call

18. Wu-Tang Clan ft. Ghostface, Action Bronson & Termanology - Meteor Hammer

19. Ced Hughes - Lights!