4 Essential Songs You Need to Hear This Week (6/12)


What's good DJBooth nation? If you've been paying attention to this weekly series, you might know that I missed last week's installment. You see, ya boy was busy mobbing at Governor's Ball last weekend, way too gone off overpriced drinks and witnessing the greatness that is Future live to have time to share my favorite songs with our readers. Then again, as a man of the people, it feels good to be back, like MJ after his baseball escapade. Or Mase after his reverand hiatus. Or Mase when he linked up with G-Unit. Or Mase when he flirted with G.O.O.D. Music. Or Mase... okay you get the point.

Some of you may be new to the game, however, and might be asking yourselves what the point of all this is. The point is great music, which I know you love because you come to DJBooth, and which we give you every day through being so selective with the music we post and with our charts. Then again, sometimes you don't even have time enough for that, in which case I'm here to personally give you the best of the best, that "damn if he misses another Friday I'm going to have no idea what to listen to all week" music. These are the four most essential songs that you need to hear this week.

esta. - Childish People

If you are in even the slightest of a bad mood, do yourself a favor and press play on this immediately. This is that kind of shit that will have you floating in the clouds about five seconds into the song. If you're sleeping on esta. (or Esta or ESTA or ESTA., take your pick), you best wake from your slumber, as the Southern California-based producer and Soulection signee is doing some truly spectacular work behind the boards these days. In the seven days since we posted "Childish People," I've already lost count of how many times I've played it. Seriously, this is wake-up music, late night music, house and car and subway music, walking in the sun music, walking in a torrential downpour music, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that this record is approaching a level of smoothness on par with a quantum stabilized atom mirror. I have absolutely no idea what that is, but according to my Google search it is the smoothest surface ever. One reader mentioned that this would be his theme music if he was a superhero, and I salute that man on the basis that it would be mine as well, I guess if my superpower was the ability to disarm my enemies with feel-good vibes and send them into an intense state of stress-free relaxation.

Travi$ Scott - 3500 ft. Future & 2 Chainz

A small part of me hates selecting bigger names to place on these lists, because I find it's a great way to give proper shine to up-and-coming artists I want to see succeed, but then again I'm going for the best songs, not the best songs from people you might not know. I'm very aware that a lot of people (including at least one cameramanaren't fans of Travi$ Scott, but the fact remains that the man makes bangers. His pen game and production involvement aside, whenever I see his name attached to a track I know it's going to be fire, and that's got to count for something, right? Right? So he made an Atlanta song. Is he supposed to be forever shunned from making music that way because he wasn't born there? The production credits might read like an all-star list, but can we not just enjoy all of that talent working together to make something greater than the sum of its parts? Regardless, La Flame, Hendrix and Tity did not disappoint, and the latter's "My bathtub the size of swimming pools, backstroke to my children room" line was the best I've heard all week.




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The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

I of course appreciated this song from the second I read the title, my mind drawn back to days past when Weezy and Juelz dominated my car's CD player. Also, how funny is it that a company who censors their own app store with an iron fist premiered a record alluding to drug abuse? As with the Travi$ Scott inclusion, it pains me some to include The Weeknd here because you're going to hear the song regardless of this list. You're probably going to hear this song as many times this summer as you'll hear people talking about how sick the music festival they just went to was, which by my math is somewhere around 1,475 times. But I'll be damned if I'm not excited for every listen, because I can't feel my face when I hear the bass kick in around 0:43. For me, The Weeknd started as this mysterious, drug-addled "next big thing," and then he started to feel more like "the guy with that 50 Shades of Gray song," but following "The Hills" and now this single I couldn't be more excited for the album.

Okay, here's an artist a little less known, though with a recent Rick Rubin cosign and XXL Freshman Class list inclusion that seems to be changing rapidly. XXL list be damned, I'm here to tell you that GoldLink is a name to watch out for, as the DC native is on his way to big things. Originally from the DMV myself, I can admit that I might be a little biased, but beyond geographical ties, it's really the way he seamlessly blends genres that's made me a fan from day one. The second Soulection affiliate on today's list adds the perfect amount of futuristic, electronic funk to his sound, and tops it off with an extremely underrated flow. "Dance On Me" is a great introduction for those who may be familiar, and also showcases within its three minute runtime both his great energy and his ability to slow down and blend into the groove of the instrumental. Side note: Go see him live, just do it.

Okay, there you are. Another week in the books, another collection of flames to fire you into the weekend and your excuse to take control of the aux cord. Maybe even bump these through your Beats Pill as you're kumbaye-ing around the fire cooler on acid at Bonnaroo this weekend, if you'll be there of course. Thanks for rocking with DJBooth for another week.

[By Brendan Varan. He's still deciding on a witty comment for this space. Follow him on Twitter.]