Zaytoven Shares His Top 5 Strip Club Songs for ATL's Magic City

Zaytoven knows ATL, therefore he knows strip clubs. We caught up with him outside the legendary Magic City to get his Top 5.

If you listen to Atlanta hip-hop, it's a safe bet that you've heard at least one mention of any of the city's illustrious gentlemen's clubs.

There's also a sizeable chance that the man behind the beat is Zaytoven, who for years has been one of a select number of go-to producers in a city and trap movement inextricably linked with its thriving strip club scene.

Much like our own effort nearly a year ago, we gathered a couple hundred in $1 bills* and caught up with Zay at Magic City—perhaps the city's most essential stop for adult entertainment—to ask the ATL production mainstay about his top five stripper anthems. Of course, we want to make sure our readers have the proper soundtrack for a night of bandz-induced dancing.

Though Zay seems a little fuzzy on such extraneous details as the title of the songs and who's featured on them, he no doubt knows who provided the beats and gave us a pretty solid list.

Editors Note: This did not actually happen.