Five 2 Chainz Songs Even The Haterz Love


The other day, I spent a good 30 minutes debating the genius of 2 Chainz with a stranger at a bar because I'm never not working.  I overheard a conversation where she said he was a "genius" an I had to interject myself. I listened patiently and then responded by calling them certifiably crazy. You know when someone  is so wrong about something and  so inane in their reasoning that you almost can't argue against it? That's how it felt. The same reasons why this person loved Chainz were the reasons why I wanted to die, so we were just butting heads to no avail. Finally, she said something that actually makes sense. She asked, "Have you ever


listened to him?". Now, you don't need to write a thesis on

Boats II

to know Chainz isn't Tupac, but she had a point. So it's time i sack up and find five songs that even a 2 Chainz hater loves.

"Money On The Floor


 I know this isn't



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a Chainz song, but I'm gonna need all the leeway here to come up with a complete list. Belive it or not, Chainz verse actually stands out the most to me; and that is saying something.This beat just feels perfect for his style and i has me feeling lavish enough to appreciate Tity's input. Plus his picking up/dropping off hoes math word problem is pretty fucking great.  The ignorance levels are a hundred thousand on this and I think it suits Chainz perfectly. I can only handle him when I'm feeling like I want to go to the strip club and make it rain liek Pac Man Jones.

"Birthday Song" ft. Kanye West

Even a Chainz hater like myself can appreciate the poetry in "She got a big booty so I call her big booty". I mean not since Robert Frost has someone used the English language to convey such emotion and passion so eloquently.  Like "Money On The Floor" liking this doesn't mean it is necessarily "good" but fucking wild as shit. I fell like the more outrageous Chainz is the better. He can mask all his flaws, and believe me there a re plenty, with a crazy beat and an ostentatious vibe; more power to him. Plus, Kanye doesn't hurt. It's hard not to feel this, especially if you've have a few drinks in your system. I know saying "you have to be drunk to like this" isn't exactly a ringing endorsement but it's better than nothing right?


Honestly, I have no fucking clue why I like this but I do. It's not a banger I would play on repeat or anything, but as part of a playlist or something, I could fuck with it. I think I like it because his flow sounds less like he has peanut butter on the roof of his mouth. Sometimes, I really fuck with the beat but Chainzy's flow ruins it for me. Here the beat is kind of sloppy and funky and it fits better. Also, "What up, watch" has me cracking up. He may not be the best lyricist, but Chainz knows how to create a memorable one-liner.

2 Chainz - Where U Been? ft. Cap.1

Change of pace here. I normally prefer the guests to Chainz, but here he fucking blows Cap.1 out of the water. I don't know if it's the music infecting my brain or the fact that his flow ain't half bad on here but I actually really dig Chainz' part; he has a little more life and a little less peanut butter. When he doesn't take two years between bars, I can kind of get with it. Honestly I'm a little worried because this one I genuinely like. I'm serious. Like no irony at all; it legitimately knocks.

Playaz Circle - "Duffle Bag Boy" ft. Lil Wayne

Truthfully, I had no idea Chainz was in Playaz Circle. Once I found out it was all but a lock that this was in here. This is one for the ages. I don't much care for anyhtng but Chainz and Weezy, but still it has all you need. This song was released seven years ago and I still plug it in rotation next to the likes of the "Make It Rain Remix". If after seven years I can still enjoy a wild, ignant track then it is definitely a keeper. Fuck what you heard, "Duffle Bag Boy" is a keeper.

Now I still won't let anyone call him a genius, but after giving him a truly fair shot, even I can find something worthwhile form Chainzy. Nobody, and I mean nobody can repeat words in one bar and get away with it like Tity Boy. Will "I'm Different" be played at my wedding probably not, but when I'm cursing with the windows down or getting ready for a night out, I will be more likely to put on something from hip-hop's Charles Dickens, so I guess point goes to that random girl at the bar.

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