2014 Best of the Booth Award Nominees (The Complete List)


It's like the Source Awards, except no one gets stabbed. It's like the Grammy Awards, except we actually know what we're doing (aka no Iggy Azalea nominations). It's like the...you get the point.

The DJBooth Best of the Booth Awards are back and ready to tackle 2014! Starting today, and for the rest of this week, we'll be unveiling our nominees for the best and most notable music to drop this year. And yes, they are our nominees (feel free to vent your frustrations in the comment section), but since ultimately what really matters is you, the fan, y'all will get to vote on the winners for all of December. Then, in January, we'll announce both the Staff Picks winners and the Reader Picks winner.  

Below, you'll find every category in the 2014 Best of the Booth Awards, along with a link to a page where you'll be able to see the nominees and vote. Have at it DJBooth Nation!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. Stay tuned for both the reader and staff winners!