2014 Best of the Booth Award Winners (The Complete List)


It's the moment you've all been waiting for. No, Outkast didn't reunite and drop a new album. No, that Rihanna sex tape hasn't leaked. Even better. It's the Best of the Booth Award Winners

Let's be honest, the Grammys haven't exactly done the best job figuring out hip-hop's most worthy music, so we had to step in and do music awards the right way. For six years now, the Best of the Booth awards have put aside all the politics that drags down other awards to simply focus on the year's best music - guess who named J. Cole the Best New Artist...in 2010? - and now, after weeks of voting, we're ready to announce our winners! 

Over the next few days, we'll be announcing the winners for each category, including both the reader's pick and the staff pick winners. We guarantee no other yearly music award line-up will look like this.   http://djbooth.net/news/entry/best-hip-hop-song-2014-mainstream



The 2015 Best of the Booth Awards: Full List of Winners

From Best Album to Best Emcee and beyond, announcing our Best of the Booth Award winners.