New Dad Chance The Rapper Says "I Didn't Know Love Until I Had My Daughter"

Most rappers are scared to make music about being a father but Chance opens up about how a new baby has changed his life and music.

Being a father is hip-hop's biggest taboo.

Rappers will write songs confessing murder and massive drug dealing operations before they'll rap about their children, and as a father of two seeing a huge part of my life largely go ignored by the genre I love has been disappointing. But when I saw that Chance the Rapper had become a father I hoped that meant his daughter would find her way into his music. After all, Chance is one of the more fearless voices working right now, surely he wouldn't shy away from embracing this enormous new part of his life, and looking at this clip of his upcoming Apple Music interview makes me optimistic my hopes will be fulfilled. 



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“I didn’t know love until I had my daughter. I didn't know its bounds, you know what I’m saying?...It makes me work better with people, it makes me more understanding of how much dedication and love I can put into each line. There’s no throwaway lines.”

Let me be clear because I don't think new or expecting parents hear this enough. There will be times when you're walking in circles around the living room at 3 AM exhausted because the baby will only sleep while being held, and there will be times when your 5-year-old throws up in the car because she sneak-ate four pieces of cake at the birthday party, and those times will suck and there will be nothing magical or wondrous or miraculous about them. But there will also be times that redefine the boundaries of how much you can love someone, and I can't wait to hear how those redefined boundaries are channeled through Chance's music. 

The full Apple Music interview is set to air this Sunday, February 7.



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