Action Bronson Blasts "Morons" Who Don't Get His "Mr. Wonderful" Album


On Monday, Action Bronson released his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, and the Queens emcee seemed to be on top of the world. But at least some of that good will seemed to run out by Friday. 

Today, after a week that included multiple sold out shows in New York and a slew of positive reviews, Bronson went on Twitter tirade of sorts.

In his 1 Listen Review of Mr. Wonderful, which was penned one week ago, Yoh echoed some of these complaints when he wrote, "Action said this album is, 'happy, funny, rugged, rough rap,' and to an extent, it's exactly that. I knew he would bring the lyrical acrobatics, but I wasn’t prepared for the production direction. The instrumentation shows that his artistry is deeper than a Ghostface replication, witty banter and pop culture references, but it lacked fluency."

While Bronson insinuates that some of his fans may be too dumb to comprehend the direction that he took with the album, it's entirely possible that listeners, both casual and fringe fans alike, were expecting something different upon first listen.

For every person that is disappointed and complaining on Twitter though there are legions of happy fans, including at least one new, permenant member of the Mr. Wondeful Fan Club.

"Ultimately, as an artist, you need to be comfortable with the music you are making," Bronson told us in an exclusive interview, "I always make the music I want. No matter what. No....matter...what. I have to make it or I'll be unhappy, I won't be able to live with myself. I'll be up at night, be thinking about it constantly." 

High expectations have been known to cause grave disappointment, this isn't a new phenomenon, so it's very likely that given a bit more time with the album the "fans" who have openly criticized it's flow, sonic landscape and direction will come around. Or maybe they won't. Either way, it doesn't seem like Bam Bam will be changing in the least. 

After all, the opinions of critics are essentially worthless, right, Action?