Awesome Photos of J. Cole, Joey Bada$$ & SXSW's Stranger Sights


I'm fully aware that this sounds stupidly naive, but it wasn't until I recently walked around Austin with a couple dope photographers - Erikson Corniel and Darius Askari - that I came to really appreciate what a skill photography is. I'd walk down 6th Street almost blissfully aware, and later I'd look at the shots Erikson and Darius took and it was like they had seen a world that was always there but I had just missed. And at SXSW, when the normally weird Austin is really operating at full capacity, visually capturing that world is fascinating. 

So we put together a photo compilation forPepsi aimed at capturing the full SXSW experience, from street performers to big artists like Joey Bada$$, G-Eazy and J. Cole. Long live the photographer. 

Didn't See That Coming: Must See SXSW Photos