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4 Essential Songs You Need to Hear This Week (4/10)


It's been a long week. I'm not sure how the weather has been for you, but on the east coast I had one amazing day before everything went back to shit. Fortunately, my ears were blessed with a number of records this week that were able to lift my mood from somewhere around "Rolling Stone's Journalistic Integrity" to something more like "Me Realizing Game Of Thrones Is Back This Week," if I wanted to admit that I watched that sort of thing.

You deserve to have your mood lifted too, but I get it, you're constantly bombarded with new music. Everyone wants you to hear their mixtape, check out their groundbreaking new single, it's difficult to sort through the noise. That's why we're so selective about the music that we post, why we created our charts, but I'm here to personally give you the best of the best, that "if you missed this music this week you'll regret it" music. These are the four most essential songs that you need to hear this week, as chosen by yours truly. (Who am I? I'm Brendan, the guy that's been handling all the fire song posts lately. Nice to meet you.)

Without further ado, let's make like the ghost of Jae Millz and leggooooooo...

Towkio - "Heaven Only Knows" ft. Chance The Rapper & Eryn Allen Kane

First up to bat is Heaven Only Knows, the latest leak off of Towkio's upcoming .Wav Theory project, and also the reason I'm going to be downloading that project. Admittedly, I'm going to give anything Save Money related a chance (pun intended) but it's always nice to be completely convinced you'll enjoy something based off of a small sample. Lido's production draws you in immediately, taking the best elements from a John Legend ballad and turning it into some sort of acid-drenched, Mario Kart dance party in the clouds. Towkio definitely holds his own here, but Chance is Chance, and whether he's busy not making an album or lacing crewmates with standout guest verses, he's undeniably got something really special going on right now. Also, I'm not sure if I've ever heard Eryn Allen Kane before, but her glorious vocals end up being an integral component to my enjoyment here, especially notable amongst the bigger names here. Excellent verses, excellent beat, excellent hook...everything works perfectly.

Mick Jenkins - "Alchemy"

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Moving along, we have the only other Chicagoan rivaling Chance on my personal list of artists that just can't seem to miss right now. Now listen, I've always enjoyed water. I try to get in at least 8 glasses a day (when I'm hungover), I shower (almost) every day, and I'm pretty sure I still have a Super Soaker in storage somewhere. The way Mick Jenkins talks about H2O in his latest song, though, I'm not sure if I should be drinking it or raising it atop an ancient temple and worshipping it. The instrumental from Lee Bannon and ThemPeople is a monster of its own, but the bars are on another level. I need to see a video for this immediately. Side note: I recently saw Mick live. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Vann - "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"

Let me just say, nothing excites me more than discovering dope new artists and music I had been previously unaware of. Except maybe the prospect of ice-cold Gatorade after a night out. Maybe. Well, the former happened this morning when I stumbled on Vann's Planes, Trains & Automobiles. This is one of those songs where the beat, courtesy of MjNichols, works to draw you into a relaxed, meditative state where its hard not to just zone out and become one with the vibes. Unfortunately, that's not possible here as Vann's rhymes are intelligent, honest and personal, a winning trifecta that forces you to zone back in and figure out what he's talking about. Vann is still under 1000 followers on Soundcloud, a damn shame if you ask me. Go fix that.

Boogie - "Oh My"

This last one made it in just in the nick of time (and an actual nickel to anyone who can tell me what the hell that actually means). If you're like me, you might have listened to Boogie's Thirst 48 project last year and said, "hey, this guy is pretty good." If you're also like me, you watched his video for Oh My and it's been the only thing you've been thinking about since. Jahlil Beats is known for bangers and this beat is no different, but it's just something about the Long Beach buzzmaker's flow here that takes things to another level. Maybe it's his command of the mic, maybe it's because the whole neighborhood is mobbing behind him, but the next time I break the law I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to crank the volume up on this one. "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!"

Well, there you have it folks. Watch, listen, download, print out the album artwork and put it on your fridge, it's your choice. If it's one of these songs, it's the right choice. Thanks for rocking with DJBooth for another week. 

[By Brendan Varan. Step to him in summer and he'll pull out that Super Soaker. Follow him on Twitter.]