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Was This Scoe & Kendrick Lamar "Back in the Day" Snippet for Dr. Dre's "Detox"?


Early Wednesday morning, a snippet of an unreleased Scoe record, "Back In The Day," surfaced on SoundCloud that features Kendrick Lamar and references Dr. Dre's forever-delayed album, Detox.

The :38 second clip begins with vocals from Scoe, followed by a full chorus from hook singer Kobe, the very beginnings of a verse from a seemingly younger Kendrick Lamar and then closes with what sounds like a snippet of an entirely different song; is that Dr. Dre himself over a much more rock-infused beat? If so, the "I'm a business man, I'm a dominate this shit forever / even when you can't see me, I'm still there," lyrics would be fitting given Dre's recent billion dollar success.  



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"Back in 2001, I was smoking on the chronic too. Now I need a detox. Can't do the same things that we used to." - Kobe on "Back in the Day"

It is no secret that Scoe, the brother of legendary west coast rapper Kurupt, has a longstanding history with Dr. Dre. In 2013, HipHopDX reported that the emcee spent two years writing records for the mysterious Detox. It was during this time that Scoe hooked up with Lamar, recording "Thank You," a single off his Tha Influence tape, which DJBooth exclusively released later that year.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Dr. Dre has recorded hundreds of songs since the 1999 release of his 2001 album, almost all of which will likely never see the light of day. Most recently, Rapper Big Pooh talked about being brought into the Aftermath studios along with King Mez to write songs for Dre last year, but we have yet to hear any of that material, and if history is any indication, we likely never will. While details are currently sparse - was this track for a Scoe project? A reference for Dr. Dre? Something else entirely? - "Back In The Day" was most likely indeed recorded back in the day.

We have reached out to Scoe and his management for further details, along with people who work with Dre at Aftermath, but we have not yet received any response. We'll be sure to update as more information becomes available. In the meantime, it's a small and mysterious but fascinating glimpse at the seemingly endless amount of music that's been been recorded inside Dr. Dre's usually sealed vault.  

[By DJ Z, aka @DJBooth.]



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