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4 Essential Songs You Need to Hear This Week (4/17)


Happy Friday, DJBooth faithful. May your weekend bring you relaxation and/or turning up, and may your hangovers be swift and painless. For those of you tuning into NBA or NHL playoff games, I wish your team luck, unless of course they are taking on a team from my hometown of D.C., in which case I hope you lose by blowout (sorry, not sorry).

Now, for those of you lucky enough to read last week's post, thank you and welcome back. For those of you who did not, here's the deal. We understand that a massive amount of music is released on a daily basis, and while a good amount is high quality, the other 80% will have you feeling like ESPN reporter Britt McHenry dealing with towing company employees. You deserve better, and so that's why we in the DJBooth are so selective about what music gets posted, why we have our charts, and why I'm here to personally give you the best of the best, the "if you missed these you might as well have slept through the entire week" music. These are the four essential songs that you need to hear this week.

What are we waiting for? Let's do it, do it.

Lucki Eck$ - What I Wanna

Last week's feature saw both Mick and Chance make appearances, and this week's offering starts off with another up-and-comer from the Windy City. Lucki Eck$finessed his way into my Most Played a few months ago, and I've been vibing to his laid-back production and slurred flow ever since. What I Wanna marked the first post of the week, and when I first listened I thought it was a solid effort. Then I played it again. And again. And again. Maybe it was due to the track's length (the song is only two minutes long), or maybe it's because the "alternative trap" backdrop had me transported to a dreamlike state; a whole other planet full of blunt clouds, lean rivers and other certifiably dope shit. Either way, it's been on repeat ever since.

Yelawolf - "Best Friend" ft. Eminem



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This next one is an interesting choice for myself. Eminem and Yelawolf are both big names (well, one monumental name and one big name), but I'll be honest when I say that neither has received much play on my iTunes in recent years. Now, I know that might be blasphemy when talking about the Slim Shady, but the truth is I'd more likely be bumping theSlim Shady LP than anything he's come out with in the last decade, cyphers not included. As for Yela, I was fully aboard the bandwagon and good to go when Trunk Muzik dropped, but I'd lost interest for some reason or another. That changes now, though, as I feel he's finally perfected the sound he's been working towards, and it would appear that he thinks the same. Till It's Gone, Whisky in a Bottle and American You were all excellent, but Best Friend takes things over 9000. WLPWR's guitars bring out the country boy in me, and while we know Yela can rap his ass off at high speeds, the fact that he tones it down not only provides great contrast to Em but allows his emotion to come through clearly. The man is making some incredible music lately, Love Story is going to be damn good. Just ask Lucas.

Elhae - End of Time (Angels)

I was a couple of weeks late on this one, I'll admit. But just as Elhae believes in Angels, I believe in "better late than never." First off, can we talk about that sample?? When it hits at just about the one minute mark, I'm pretty sure everything else going on in the world just stopped for me. I almost forgot I was writing this piece when I just heard it again. Not to overlook Elhae, as his singing was great and his verse was honest, one of those that kind of just make you sit back and think. But that sample. Kudos to producer Rascal. This is that type of music that will give you what some refer to as, "the feels." The feels indeed. As my fellow DJBooth writers might even remark, "endless fire emojis."

Julius - Dope Francis (Bear//Face Remix) ft. Rome Fortune

What was I just saying about "those feels?"Just like last week, we have a dark horse candidate beating the buzzer for the final spot. Until late last night, I had no idea what a Julius was. I'm still not entirely sure what a Dope Francis is, and I'm 50/50 on whether I actually want to hear more from Rome Fortune. That being said, I pressed play on this remix sometime around 2AM in the midst of a trekking through the dark corners of deep Soundcloud, based solely off of the name of producer Bear//Face (go listen to this if you are unfamiliar) and wow. The closest comparison I could come up with is a celestial wave, building up in anticipation of an epic release. This is what should have been played when Matthew McConaughey and gang blasted off in Interstellar. I hope this plays if and when I ever blast off towards heaven. I wouldn't be surprised if angels have this on their bedroom playlist. Too far? Okay I'm done.

And so we've reached the end of yet another week. Feel free to play these for everyone you know and pretend you found them first, they're yours now. Thanks for rocking with DJBooth for another week.

[By Brendan Varan. He'll be preparing for inevitable letdown this weekend while watching playoffs and wondering what a "Dope Francis" is. Follow him on Twitter.]



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