TJ Mizell on DJing for A$AP Ferg, Crazy Tour Stories (Video)


TJ Mizell is the son of the legendary Jam Master Jay, but while proudly upholding his father's tradition he's simultaneously crafting his own lane in hip-hop. During a sit down during SXSW, TJ tells the frankly pretty insane story of how he went from a YouTube video to touring Europe with A$AP Ferg almost overnight, and what life is like as Ferg's DJ (spoiler alert: it's fucking awesome).

And then in the video below, TJ talks about some of the wildest shit he's seen while rocking stages with the Ferg monster, a man who's known for turning his live shows into absolute mosh pits, with an additional shout out going to the increasingly legendary Marty Baller. You can't plan a life like this, sometimes the truth is wilder than any story you could imagine.