TJ Mizell on DJing for A$AP Ferg, Crazy Tour Stories (Video)

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TJ Mizell is the son of the legendary Jam Master Jay, but while proudly upholding his father's tradition he's simultaneously crafting his own lane in hip-hop. During a sit down during SXSW, TJ tells the frankly pretty insane story of how he went from a YouTube video to touring Europe with A$AP Ferg almost overnight, and what life is like as Ferg's DJ (spoiler alert: it's fucking awesome).

And then in the video below, TJ talks about some of the wildest shit he's seen while rocking stages with the Ferg monster, a man who's known for turning his live shows into absolute mosh pits, with an additional shout out going to the increasingly legendary Marty Baller. You can't plan a life like this, sometimes the truth is wilder than any story you could imagine. 



TJ Mizell - J Train to Marcy Official Video

TJ Mizell is not only the son of legendary Jam Master Jay of RUN DMC, but he also happens to be one of the most dope DJs in the game right now. In his new video he is featured scratching and beat juggling over the Williamsburg Bridge, as he powers his turntables on the J train using a car battery. This type of stunt has never been caught on camera before, and to our knowledge, never even attempted.