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This Alabama Shakes "Sound & Color" Album Is Amazing, That Is All


Hey y'all. How are you doing on this fine Friday afternoon?

Good? Glad to hear it!

In case you haven't noticed, we are doing some major shit here at DJBooth. I mean, we've always been doing cool shit, but lately our #squad has been stepping up our game. We've committed ourselves to really going that extra step, really taking the time to get things done the right way and it's paying off. It's also hard work. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes I get to smoke a bunch of weed at three in the afternoon, but we're also doing real journalism too.

I've realized something though...

In this effort to be the dopest we can possibly be, in the struggle to bring you better and more thoughtful articles than any other site, it's been a minute since I've just shared music because I love to share music. When Yoh is busy creating masterpieces on a daily basis, I feel an obligation to do more than "listen to this." It's why stuff like "Best & Worst," quizzes and our "The One Thing You Need To Hear" series have fallen by the wayside. It's fun, feels good and is straightforward, but it's low hanging fruit. We want to be great so we had to put those on the backburner. Still, sharing music for the sake of sharing is one of my favorite things to do, on and off the internet. I remember the feeling I got when I found something great on DJBooth long before I was writing for DJBooth and I can go to bed happy knowing that something we did gave someone that feeling. Sometimes though, there really is no special hook or a mind-blowing, Illuminati conspiracy.

Sometimes, good music is just good music.



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No more, no less.

With that in mind this new Alabama Shakes album, Sound & Color, is amazing and you should go buy it.

If you aren't familiar with Alabama Shakes, I'm honored to be the one to put you on. If you do know 'em, I trust you are as excited as I am about the release of Sound & Color. If you know me you know I love everything from Action Bronson to Taylor Swift. I'm a hip-hop head, but being a true hip-hop head means listening to more than just hip-hop, so I listen to as much as I possibly can. Well, one of my favorite bands around right now, hip-hop included, is Alabama Shakes. I don't even know what to call the music they make. Rock? Soul? Blues? Maybe a lovely combination of all three? Either way I absolutely love it. Their last album, Boys & Girls, was great, but truthfully I don't think it captured Brittany Howard's magic all that well; her stage presence is on another level. Despite how amazing the album was, something didn't translate. Something was missing. The album was great but it really rested on Howard's power to do the heavy lifting. That something missing ain't missin' anymore. On Sound & Color, I hear a group of musicians who are more refined, more cohesive and more adventurous. They've grown. Their music progresses. It has a subtle power to it. In rap we talk a lot about sophomore slumps. It's hard to follow up a great debut, but the Alabama Shakes have done it. This album is better than Boys & Girls, period. Normally, I'd try to find a way to link them to hip-hop, but I don't have one this time around. They really aren't in any way hip-hop. Still, I admire them the way I do Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment. I rock out to them the same way I do Action Bronson. I respect them like I do Black Thought.

So yeah. They aren't hip-hop. They have no hip-hop ties. This won't do shit for pageviews and Google SEO, but still, sometimes music is so good, you just have to share it. Sound & Color is that good.

Go buy this album, I swear you won't regret it.  

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth]



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