SonReal Goes "Inside the Verse" With "For The Town" (DJBoothTV)


On the eve of the release of his For the Town EP, Canada's very own SonReal sat down with the DJBooth crew to discuss the opening verse of his new anthem, "For The Town." The man's been rising for a minute, thanks in no small part to his hyper-creative videos, and now his ascent seems closer than ever. 

Listening to SonReal break down this lyrics is exactly why I like doing these videos, because even a line as seemingly obvious as "neighbors tellin us to turn it down" has a good story attached to it. And on that note, a very special shout out goes to SonReal's neighbor, who definitely needs to stop complaining about the noise and just let the young man cook. 

Enjoy, and if you're digging this, be sure to keep an ear out for his For The Town EP, dropping April 28.

[Video & Editing by Erikson Corniel. Text by Nathan S.]



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