Raekwon Goes "Inside the Verse" on "Criminology" (DJBoothTV)


It's almost embarassing to say, but I'm way, way too excited about these Raekwon interviews we did. It's like the day my daughter was born, then this interview, then getting married. And I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating, but when we got Rae to break down his verse on his classic track, "Criminology," what could possibly be better? 

It turns out old ladies really were calling the police on him for selling drugs, people in the neighborhood really were letting him hide from the police in their apartments, Ghostface really was robbing people. I could listen to Rae tell stories all day - and I'm going to get my wish. Keep an eye and ear out for more clips of our sit down with The Chef, coming soon, and you need to check Raekwon's new album, FILA, out now

[Video & Editing by Erikson Corniel. Text by Nathan S.]