From Jay Z to Tech N9ne, The Rap Power Rankings (April, 2015)


April is in the books, which means we're one-fourth of the way through the year, which means our Rap Power Rankings project with Green Label is growing up. Any rapper can have a big month, or a slow month, but now that we've got more than a few days under our belts, the real movers and shakers in hip-hop in 2015 is starting to really take shape. It's getting really real.  

This month finds Jay Z regaining his hold on the top spot over Kendrick Lamar, Kanye tumbling a few spots, Tech N9ne maintaining his independent takeover and much more. For the rest of the rankings though, along with full breakdowns, you're just going to have to hit that link below. 

The Rap Power Rankings (April, 2015)