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4 Essential Songs You Need to Hear This Week (5/8)


Amidst a world that's seemingly falling apart, with American heroes lying about their balls, Filipino sports heroes lying about their shoulders and time running out for me to buy a Mother's Day present, at least there's one thing we can count on - music. The problem is, there is just too much of it. Between singles, EPs, mixtapes, albums and unmastered snippets of your favorite artist recorded while they were sneezing, you don't have enough time to hear everything. That's why we're so selective about the music we post, why we created our charts, but I'm here to personally give you the best of the best, that "if you missed this music this week than you might as well not even bother with a Mother's Day present, you already lost" music. These are the four most essential songs that you need to hear this week, as chosen by yours truly.

Maverick Sabre - Walk Into The Sun

Each week I've included at least one song that will simply make you feel good. It's important to balance out the dark with the light, the intoxicating with the uplifting, and there's only so much room for the wavy, the party-starting and the mob-inducing. Maverick Sabre's Walk Into The Sun fills that spot this week. Early Monday morning when you're waking up still groggy and slightly hungover from the weekend, when the weight of an upcoming busy work week is pushing down into your half-closed eyes and you have only a coffee mug with an inspirational quote to comfort you, do yourself a favor. Grab the aux cord, turn up the volume and play this song. I guarantee within 30 seconds you'll be in a much better place. The sun will be shining just a little bit brighter and you might even begin to smile. Maybe. If you do choose to dance on your way to work, just know that while everyone else will be glaring at you with a look that is equal parts disgust and jealousy, it would make sense to them if only they could hear the positive vibes blaring out of your headphones. "...And all I got to dooooooooo..."

Fetty Wap - My Way (Remix) ft. Drake

After a track from an up-and-coming artist of course I'm going to include a Drake feature, right? The man's remixes have become an event in and of themselves, as the T-Dot hitmaker's co-sign is usually a sign to those still sleeping on the original artist that they should awake from their slumber. Fetty Wap already has a hit with Trap Queen, one that we've discussed ad nauseam at this point, but those truly in the know have been pointing to My Way as the New Jersey buzzmaker's next big hit. Now that Drizzy's made it his own the secret is out, and while reader comments point to his added verse as the highlight, the truth is that Fetty's flow is what makes the record. It's the reason I've been hearing it for the past few weeks nonstop, and I'll admit that while I found it a little grating upon first listen, it's the reason why I've kept coming back. Every bar ends with a roller coaster ride through pitch that becomes increasingly enjoyable once you've grown used to it and is punctuated by Fetty's emphatic "Ay!" - also my personal choice for Ad-lib of the Year despite the relative simplicity and lack of originality. I'm a little sad to see Monty's verse was cut, and personally I thought Drake could have gone a little harder, but rest assured you'll be hearing this all summer.



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$kinny - Makaveli

I had never heard of $kinny before this week. When I did, I was coaxed into watching his music video by a tagline that promised I wouldn't want to miss this little kid dancing like Michael Jackson, as if that was the only thing I should be paying attention to. WRONG! Yes, the kid has moves like Jagger Jackson, but that's just one small component here. The distant yet alluring vocals, the extremely impressive, self-directed video (even the M.I.A.-esque shots of everyone hanging out the car windows), and the blunted, rock-tinged production (also by $kinny). This song took me by surprise, and the man who refers to himself as "Hip Hop’s Jackie Robinson” has got a hell of a voice. I'll admit, I'm a little confused by the connection between MJ and 2Pac in the lyrics here, both are undeniably as legendary in music as one can be but I'm missing the link. But it makes no difference whether he's crooning about being the former or hitting you with the latter, it all sounds good. The music video hits the nail on the head, this is "riding through the desert" music. This is that "put on a mask and start a revolution on an empty road" music. This is that "hit you with that Makaveli" music.

Tim North - Dip

We live in the age of the tweetable phrase. Yes, Drake makes great music (yes, more about Drake), but a big aspect of his success is his ability to provide listeners with a single phrase that's easily repeatable across millions of social media-obsessed minds. From "started from the bottom" to "0-100 real quick" to "you know how that shit go," the list could go on all day. While Tim North's "think I'm bout to diiiIIIIIPPPP" may not be on a Drizzy level, he is also from Toronto; it's a seemingly smaller aspect that's responsible for 90% of the reason I can't get this song out of my head. Not to take anything away from the record as a whole, because Tim kills it with the rhymes and Kxngs absolutely bodies the beat. I recently moved to New York City and no longer have a car, but songs like this make me long for driving recklessy (just kidding, for the most part) down the highway on a clear summer night. Also, why is it that every song doesn't end in a chopped-and-screwed beat breakdown at the end?

You are now equipped for the weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if you chose these four songs as your Mother's Day present, and if Mom knows what's up she'll happily accept this audio dope over overpriced flowers and a half-assed card. Remember, flowers die, music lasts forever. Thanks for rocking with DJBooth for another week.

[By Brendan Varan. He thinks Tom Brady is a liar, and hopes his cheating ass is forced to use 1-ply for the rest of his life. Follow him on Twitter.]



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