Summer Music Festival Season is Here, Here's a Playlist & Chance to Win Tickets


At this point it may seem like writing that water's wet, but it really wasn't until this week - literally this week - that I truly, entirely, really understood just how big the music festival movement is. Not only are the big names like Coachella and Bonnaroo pulling in audiences the size of small cities, there are literally hundreds of smaller festivals springing up every day. Increasingly, it's festivals that are making and breaking artists, festivals that are providing the moments we talk about (* cough, Drake, cough), festivals that are the average fan's biggest exposure to live music. 

Personally I'm not heavy into the festival circuit - I'll hit up SXSW, A3C, Outside Lands, frankly only the ones I'm invited to - but I'm increasingly realizing that treating music festivals like this other thing that's happening other there is like how my mom treats texting; she'll get around to it eventually, what is she really missing? Well, here's what I've been missing. 

Good golly miss Molly, that's insane. Collectively, music festivals have the population and economy of some countries, so I feel a very, very belated New Year's Resolution coming on. This summer, I'm going to hit as many festivals as I can, really immerse myself, at the very least make sure I know what I'm missing out on. 

But whether you're a relative newbie like me or a seasoned vet, anyone planning on hitting the music festival circuit this summer could use a helping hand. So we've teamed up with Slurpee (because who doesn't love a Slurpee?) for a playlist that will get edumacated on some of the best music set to his festival stages, from Vic Mensa to The Bleachers, and for bonus points, giving people a chance to win tickets to see those artists perform this summer. It's a whole thing, enjoy...




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