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4 Essential Songs You Need to Hear This Week (5/15)


Is it already Friday again? My weeks have been flying by at the speed of Migos flow lately; my days consumed with Young Thug leaks and my nights spent navigating the new city that I now call home. I've got 1000 things going on, and I'm sure you do too. Life is full of movement and activity; people, places and events entering and disappearing from your life in an instant. It can be exciting, it is always amazing, and at times it can be hard to detach yourself from it all. Balance is needed. 

When you have a million things on your mind, it helps to have something to turn to. Maybe you like sports (I do). Maybe you like to work out (I should more often). Maybe you go feed birds in the park (assuming you're at least 80 years old, though no judgment from me). I have music, which becomes especially helpful when I'm forced to listen to it all day while trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Unfortunately, there's a lot of music out there that's not up to my, or more importantly your, standards, which can just add to the stress. I know what you're thinking, "I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO LISTEN TO IT ALL! THERE'S TOO MUCH!" This is why you need The DJBooth, why we are so selective with the music that gets posted, why we have our charts, and why I'm here to give you the best of the best, the "take a deep breathe and relax, this is all you need right now" music.

These are the four songs you need to hear this week. Let's get to it, shall we?

Dessy Hinds - Homecoming

I'm a Pro Era fan. I wouldn't say I bump the collective religiously, but I make an attempt to seek out and hear their music. When I saw Dessy Hinds' name pop up earlier in the week with a new song, I found what I initially believed to be a familiar name. Then I tried to remember the last of his releases that I enjoyed, or any notable release, or any release ever, and realized I really wasn't familiar with him at all. I couldn't name a song off the top of my head, and seeing that it was his first headlining DJBooth feature, I'm probably not alone. I was almost surprised. After my most recent iTunes purge, I have one lonesome Dessy feature - "Interlude 47" off of PEEP: The Aprocalypse- most likely still there thanks to the Statik Selektah beat.

Which brings me to "Homecoming." Holy Moses this Statik instrumental is glorious. I feel like I took a straight shot of soul-warming nostalgia cut with uplifting inspiration. About 20 different emotions course through my veins when the choir hits; I feel like I'm actually coming home (great title) with every flutter of the keys. Oh yeah, Dessy also raps his ass off here. Most importantly, I finally have that notable record from him that I was searching for and damn it feels good.

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Boosie BadAzz - All I Know

"All I Know" is that this is my favorite Boosie song of all-time. It was not an easy decision, as it faced some pretty stiff competiiton from the "Wipe Me Down (Remix)" and oddly enough, this song, but in the end it's the clear champion. Listen, I was all about "Free Boosie" from the beginning. From 2006-2009, I probably listened to more Boosie that doctors would ever recommend, but I'll admit that by the time he got out of prison I had just lost my interest. I can't be listening to much Boosie when I have three recent Future projects in my possession. This week, though, I'll be blasting "All I Know" at piercing volumes, letting PJ's soulful hook fly while it contrasts the raspy gruff of Boosie as he shouts things like, "while y'all criticizin' my name, I'm on a camel in Dubai!" Best believe the next time I'm camel-riding in Dubai, this will be my only soundtrack. 

Leather Corduroys - Have U Eva ft. Vic Mensa

"HAVE U EVA!?! HAVE U EVA!?! Have u eva? Have u eva?" Just as the chorus moves in OG Maco-esque fashion from accusory shouts to a lighter, slurred drawl my mood shifted from half asleep to "Lets. Fucking. Go." I know I didn't give the Leather Corduroy's last project the spin I should have, but I definitely don't remember it sounding anything like this. Wasn't their album cover a balloon set against a background of sunshine? This song is the opposite of balloons and sunshine, something much more akin to drugged out mobbing and unadulterated aggression. Vic Mensa continues his recent transition into darker soundscapes, and while some longtime fans may be a little hesitant of the direction he's headed there's no denying he's been killing it on the mic as of late. Joey and KAMI both bring great energy, and the beat bangs. I need to see this perfomed live.

Stefan Poncé - Lost In Translation ft. theMIND

I'd consider myself to be largely anti-genre. If it sounds good, I like it. I not too worried about how it fits into a specific category, and every time I see a comment like "OMG [insert non hip-hop genre] music?? no thanks," I die a little inside. Life's too short to miss good music because it doesn't fit into the spectrum of what you think you should like (then again, if it sounds like shit then so be it). Stefan Poncé is a producer that has worked with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Childish Gambino and Mick Jenkins, and his latest effort is a classic-sounding house banger. The beat pulses and mesmerizes, working in tandem with theMIND's smooth crooning to draw you in and forcing your entire body into movement, involuntary or not. I imagine this will be setting dancefloors ablaze all summer, and I'm not opposed to it. Also, can we talk about Chicago's pool of up-and-comers? Are they just injecting creative talent into the water over there?

And now we've reached another week's end. Relax this weekend, as your "Recently Added" playlist just received a massive upgrade. Thanks for rocking with The DJBooth for another week.

[By Brendan Varan. His life goals now include riding camels in Dubai with Boosie. Follow him on Twitter.]



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