Boogie's "Oh My" is Going to be the Song of the Summer

OH MY GOODNESS! Boogie's about to blow up, here's why....

I try to stay out of the music prediction game because if I've learned anything from my time working the periphery of the music industry, it's the futility of predictions. Major labels devote literally millions of dollars to finding the next big song, the next big artist, and they're wrong more often than they're right. So I recognize the narcissism in thinking that I, a guy with a laptop and a beard and a penchant for linking to amusing GIFs, knows something they don't. 

BUT.....I'm putting myself out there this time. I'm calling it. Boogie's "Oh My" is going to be the song of the summer. 

Ok, rewind. Deep breath. Stay with me. Now, I'm not talking about song of the summer on the level of "Fancy" or "Happy." If you really want to take over swimsuit season across mainstream America you need a song you can play at a wedding and get everyone dancing, and "Boogie" is not that song. (Although if you do play "Oh My" at your wedding I can pretty much guarantee your love will last forever.)

I don't mean summer for everyone, I mean summer for hip-hop. I mean something closer to "Hot Nigga" or "No Flex Zone" or more recently "Trap Queen," which was the song of last winter. The kind of song every DJ feels obligated to work into their set, the kind of song you may even grow to hate through the sheer force of repetition, but then you're in the right place at the right time and as the kids would say it's lit and you can't front, yeah, it's a fun song.

"Oh My" is going to become that song. All the ingredients are there, all it needs is for someone to apply a little heat so it can really get cookin'. The beat is an absolute banger - when the bass drops at the :20 second mark my blood pressure automatically raises to heart attack levels - and once the hook gets in your head it's going to have to be surgically removed.



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And let's be honest about the times we live in, the song's also eminently meme-able. The second "Oh My" blows up on Vine the way "U Guessed It" blew up, this thing's taking off like Diddy from a crime scene. The song's taken over so much space in my brain I've ever started working it into my every day conversations. 

My Wife: "How about tacos for dinner tonight?" 
My Wife: "We're not having sex again until you stop saying that all the time." 
Me (quietly): "Oh my....."

I'll admit though, I do have a flicker of doubt about whether "Oh My" can really explode. Frankly, I'm not sure if it's dumb enough. Yes, it's a banger, yes it's got a four-syllable hook that can be screamed at maximum volume, but there's some depth here too. I'm not saying Boogie is the second coming of Nas, but get a few listens deep and you'll realize there's some serious wordplay happening underneath all that bass. 

Can a song with the phrase "All I knew was pain, I ain't ever knew no glory" really become a club anthem? I still think so, but the club might actually be so allergic to anything even resembling pain that it won't tolerate "Oh My." If that's the case than I'll just have to take the loss, but "Oh My" has prompted me to go back to Boogie's other music and aside from any predictions I've been digging his music. Songs like "Bitter Raps" and "Let Me Rap" reveal another young voice from the west coast who's not afraid to push creatively. So worst case scenario "Oh My" never really gets any bigger than it is now and I've discovered a new artist who deserves to be on my radar. That's not much of a worse case.  

I don't know if Boogie is actually mindie, what major players he may or may not have working behind-the-scenes, if Hot 97 will ever play "Oh My." Those are all forces beyond my control. But I do know I love the way Boogie switches up his voice between the hook and the verses, that I've watched the video enough times to realize that girl in the red with the curly hair looks like she'd bury a body in the backyard for her man, that I've literally listened to this song 100 times and I'm still down for 100 more. 

So when Boogie becomes the next big thing this summer, remember this moment. You'll be able to find me celebrating in the club like OH MY GOODNESS!!!

[Nathan S. is the managing editor of The DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. He also occasionally talks on podcasts/radio/TV. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.]



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