Here's Some Pro Tips on How to Survive a Music Festival

It's music festival season, which means you need to read our pro tips for having a great time.
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Music festivals are like going on a boat. It can be awesome if you're properly prepared, terrible if you're not. No, wait, I don't really know why I'm making nautical references. I've been on like three boats in my life. Let's try again. Music festivals are festivals. 

Ok, so while my analogy game is particularly weak right now, my music festival game is very strong. While I'm by no means the most pro of all pros, I've put in some serious festival hours over the years and learned a few things that have helped turn my experiences from "man I'm hungry, and thirsty, and sunburned" to literally some of the most memorable times of my life.

Lucky for you, I'm not stingy with my sage wisdom. As music festival season approaches I want all of you to actually enjoy the festivals you're hitting, so hey, water. For example, here's a super veteran tip: If you find yourself watching a show behind a guy with a shorter girlfriend, move immediately. 100% of the time she'll eventually complain she can't see and he'll put her on his shoulders and then congrats, the Kanye performance you've been waiting hours to see just turned into 45 minutes of obstructed views. You're welcome.  

And that's just one super helpful tip. Especially if we're talking festivals you'll be camping at, I highly recommend hitting that link below. A little preparation and some more sage advice will go a long way towards ensuring you have an awesome time. See you at festival season.