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Eminem's Selling Bricks From His Childhood Home on the "MMLP" Cover

Eminem offers up a unique chance at owning a piece of his history. Stans won't want to miss this!

Eminem’s never been a “gangsta” and he’s ingested far more drugs than he’s sold, but now he can brag about selling bricks. Before all you Stans start writing angry letters and heading for the nearest bridge, he hasn’t sold his soul...he’s very literally selling bricks.

As part of a continued celebration of Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP (released 16 years ago today) the Detroit rapper has been unveiling unique merchandise, and now he taking things to a whole new level by selling pieces of the childhood home that are immortalized by the MMLP cover on his web store. The state of Michigan ordered the home demolished because of "structural safety issues," but not before the Slim Shady team could recover some key pieces of the home's foundation. 

Own your piece of history with an authentic brick from the remains of Eminem’s childhood home that was featured on The Marshall Mathers LP, and its sequel.  Each of the 700 bricks comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity featuring Eminem’s handwritten signature, and a plexiglass enclosure that features a commemorative plaque on the side. All of the one of a kind bricks come in a sleek black packaging with custom artwork and a description of the project.

In our continued mission to rebuild the city of Detroit, a portion of proceeds from this sale will be donated to The Marshall Mathers Foundation.



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For all artists big and small, indie or major label, brand new and Eminem, merch continues to be a growing revenue source and this is one of the more interesting, creative, and historic pieces around. Hell, this isn’t even merch, it’s a hip-hop artifact. To be able to touch and feel a part of Eminem's humble beginnings is an entirely different level of interactivity, connectivity and closeness for a fanbase already brimming with passion.

Of course you can wear a T-shirt from a show, but to own a piece of Eminem’s childhood is next level. While the steep price of $313 is a lot for most B-Rabbit fans, a portion of the proceeds are being donated to The Marshall Mathers Foundation, so you'll also be helping make Detroit's future a bit brighter. Buy 'em all before Stan gets to them. 

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