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It's Officially Song of the Summer Season, Who You Got?

"Song of the Summer" season is officially here. Slurpee breaks down the top contenders.

"Song of the summer" feels like one of those things that the media creates so it can write about the song of the summer. You know, like "millenials" or "." But here's the thing - the song of the summer is an actual, real, in-the-world thing. Maybe it's because in the summer months more people are outside together, listening to the same songs that come pouring out of barbecue boomboxes and the open windows of passing cars. Maybe it's because artists purposefully hold their catchiest, most contagious music for the summer, probably both.

Regardless of the reason, an artist who can take over the summer with a single song is rare air. Previous summers were dominated by "Happy," "Get Lucky" and "Fancy," and now that it's almost June, it's time to officially begin predicting which songs will dominate the coming sweltering months. Will it be Boogie's "Ohy My," as I predicted? Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" just gave Kendrick Lamar his first number one hit, could she also bring K. Dot along for the ride to song of the summer status? Some other song that's just beginning to bubble? Check out some of the top contenders from our friends at All Access at that link below - who you got? 




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