You Decide Who Performs at A3C: "This Is My Year" Challenge, Week 7

6 new artists, you vote on who gets to perform at this year's A3C Festival!

DJBooth has been rocking with the A3C Music Festival in Atlanta for years now, since 2010 to be exact, and in that time it's been awesome to see the festival really take off while still remaining completely loyal to its hip-hop roots. There are a lot of artists now making major noise who got their first big look during A3C, and that's a tradition we're dedicated to carrying on with our new “This Is My Year” fan-challenge.

Here's the deal: Artists who would like to perform at A3C need to submit via Sonicbids. A3C then selects six of those artists to enter the weekly challenge, and then every Monday that challenge goes live on DJBooth. All week fans will be able to vote on their favorite artists (one vote per day) and at the end of the week, the two top vote-getters will be invited to perform at a A3C. 

It's our way of both highlighting new talent - because you really never know where the next great rapper is going to come from - and putting the power to decide who performs in the hands of the people, where it belongs. So peep the full rundown of this week's six candidates below, then hit the VOTE NOW link here or at the bottom to help determine who makes the cut. 

2015 is going to be a big year for a select group of these artists at A3C. You decide who.....

King Ray

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Buggs Tha Rocka

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Young Kaii

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The Boy Illinois

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