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Stop Being an Anti-EDM Elitist & Enjoy Gorgon City

Gorgon City's making fun dance music. We learn to relax and just enjoy.

I'll admit it. I was primarily raised as your classic east coast backpacker hip-hop head, headphones firmly attachd to ears at all times, a disdain for anything that couldn't be consider "lyrical." But instead of becoming a grumpy old man I've gone the opposite way in my advancing age, realizing how close-minded my younger elitism was, learning to just relax and enjoy music that's fun and makes me feel happy. 

Newer school EDM is really the last barrier I still have to cross, but I'm working on it. Disclosure's become a staple of house dance parties with my daughter in recent months and I'm in search of the next fun thing. That's why when the people at All Access suggested checking out Gorgon City I listened with an open mind. I came away with a new appreciation for the UK duo - that "Go All Night" joint with Jennifer Hudson is excellent - and since I know, I wanted to pass along the music, maybe put you onto something that will make your day just a little bit brighter. Imagine that, music that makes you feel happy.

And if you really need that hip-hop connection, Gorgon City are frequent collaborators with Maverick Sabre, who also regularly works with Joey Bada$$. So there, you're out of excuses. Hit that link below and get a guide to Gorgon City. Who knows, you might just find that new group that gets you out of your backpack and into a good mood. 

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