From Lil B to Drake, The Rap Power Rankings (June, 2015)

Really? Lil B made it onto our latest Rap Power Rankings? Yes, really.

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Listen, I know y'all think I'm trying to troll you by putting Lil B in our latest Rap Power Rankings, and sure, I'll admit to a certain amount of...shall we say provacation? What can I say, it gets the people going. But I'm also dead serious. The entire reason we embarked on this year long project with Green Label was to attempt to figure out just what power and success means in music. We spend so much time debating rapper rankings, but with very little agreement on what we're actually ranking.  

So yes, I can't name a Lil B song that's dropped over the last month, but during that time he's been at the center of the NBA playoffs, with billion dollar businesses and media corporations seeking his blessing. I frankly doubt it'll last, but over the last 30 days, his been one of the most prominent - I would argue the most prominent - rappers in the game, alongside stalwarts like Kendrick Lamar and Drake and newcomers like Vince Staples. You're just going to have to hit that link below for the full run down. 

The Rap Power Rankings (June, 2015)