Boogie Breaks Down His "Oh My" Lyrics | Inside the Verse

Boogie proves that "Oh My" is a banger with some surprising lyrical depth.

Over a month ago I first came across Boogie's "Oh My" and couldn't stop playing the song, which lead me to declare it a front-runner in the rap song of the summer contest. Of course a big part of the song's appeal was the catchy hook and the huge beat, but as I racked up listen after listen I also began to realize that Boogie's lyrical depth ran a lot deeper than I first assumed when I was primarily using "Oh My" as a means to get lit. 

"I didn't want to do no turnt song where it didn't have no substance to it." 

I love when rappers prove me right. When Boogie visited our offices recently we had to ask him about the song's lyrics and sure enough he broke down how "Bumpin' some Jigga, Chuckin' my "B" up / With a chick that say my name" is an extended Jay Z and Beyonce reference, clarified that he was talking about his mother cooking food in the kitchen, not crack, and revealed that he hasn't written a verse down since 9th grade. 

I don't know how much more directly I can tell you this. "Oh My" is a banger and Boogie is a young rapper who's much more than just someone who makes bangers. If you need even more proof, check out his recently released album, The Reach. Oh my goodness. 

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