Eminem Will Be First Interview on Apple Music's Beats 1 Station

Apple turns to the Rap God in their big to win the streaming wars.

Eminem is one of the most popular artists in the world. Zane Lowe, one of the most popular radio hosts in the UK, is known for his interviews with artists of high-esteem. Seeing that Lowe is one of the DJs recruited to bring their talents to the brand new Apple Music service, and Dr. Dre's involvement, it only makes sense that someone as high-profile as Marshall has been be tapped to be the very first guest interview on Apple's Beats 1 online radio station (via Business Insider).

Em's no stranger to sitting down with Lowe. Nearly two years removed from his last solo album, with no new album on the horizon we know about, it will be interesting to see what's covered in the session. What's more interesting is how this and similar moves will help Apple Music as it attempts to outperform the competition. As a newcomer in the streaming game, Apple looks to hit the ground running with content, and in a world of very little difference between streaming services, exclusivity and celebrity should reign, right? Tidal thought so. As the New York Times reported, many more industry heavyweights are slated to showcase their talents on the air, with Pharrell (whose single will serve as their first exclusive), Drake, Dr. Dre, Disclosure, Elton John and even Jaden Smith set to receive their own online shows. Yes, Jaden Smith will now have his own radio show, and one can only guess what kind of oddball philosophy will be churned out on a regular basis. 

Unsurprisingly, Apple's been able to lure a number of interesting individuals to the service. They've taken on Taylor Swift and lost, but have since been able to overcome their early issues concerning independent artists. It's time to see if the Rap God can help them win the streaming wars.

[By Brendan Varan. He's not the first interview for Beats 1. Follow him on Twitter.]