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Boogie on Getting Shot, His Excellent New Album "The Reach"

"Was chillin at the park and I got shot up with a 40" - Boogie tells the true story.

Careful listeners to Boogie's music have heard mentions of the Compton rapper getting shot, most notably on his recent banger, "Oh My." It's a story that many rappers would turn into a badge of honor, proof of some sort of "street cred." But Boogie isn't most rappers, Boogie's far more interested in telling the truth about the time he was shot, and the truth isn't even remotely glorious. The truth is that he was shot in the foot, it was terrible, he cried, and he knows it's nothing compared to what so many others around him have been through. 

"Was chillin' at the park and I got shot up with a 40"

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Allow me a moment of complete honesty. A while ago I started making the case for "Oh My" as the the rap song of the summer, and at the time I frankly thought of Boogie as a rapper who made a banger with deeper lyricism than you might expect. But as I've been listening to his new album, The Reach, I've realized just how much I underestimated him. This album is excellent. Not better than you might think, not "excellent for the guy who made 'Oh My,'" I mean straight up excellent. You should listen to it. The same open honestly and, at the risk of sounding cliche, realness you hear in that interview is pervasive in The Reach. Boogie's here and I'm excited for hip-hop to have a new voice worth listening to. 

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