Vince Staples Breaks Down "Lemme Know" With Jhene Aiko | Inside the Verse

Jhene Aiko and ex-girlfriend's with ass shots, a Vince Staples interview is a must listen.

As Yoh recently wrote, Vince Staples new album, Summertime '06, is excellent. It's a new voice in hip-hop that we need, a voice allergic to glorification and drowning in authenticity. It's no surprise then that Vince's interviews are similiarly honesty, it's rare to find an artist who can speak on camera like the camera's not even there. 

So when we asked Vince to break down album standout "Lemme Know" we got much more than just some lyrical analysis. We got the story of how Jhene Aiko ended up hopping (and rapping) on the track, how all of his songs about women are essentially about the same two or three women, and confirmation that one of those ex-girlfriend's now has a fake ass, because that's just the kind of thing Vince Staples says when you're talking to Vince Staples. 

Vince Staples is the realest, Vince Staples for president. Summertime '06 is out now, act accordingly. 

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