Rihanna Now Best Selling Artist of the Digital Age

It's official, Rihanna has moved 100 million singles, more than any other artist in the digital era.

She's already a singer, a songwriter, an actress and a fashion designer, in addition to being a total smokeshow and world-renowned bad bitch, and now Rihanna has one more accolade to add on to her title. Recently surpassing 100 million singles downloaded and streamed, she is now the best-selling artist of the digital age. 

While incredibly impressive, the news is a bit unsurprising in terms of who first took the honors. Rihanna's name is pretty much synonymous with "smash hit" at this point, and she's been dominating the game for the better part of a decade. Out of the 45 singles she's released since 2005, an astounding 30 have gone platinum, many of those five and six times over. Commenting on the acheivement, RIAA CEO Cary Sherman said, “Congratulations to Rihanna! She has not only surpassed RIAA’s one-hundred million mark, but also is the first artist to do so. It’s a historic feat and a testament to an extraordinary career.”

While it's certainly obvious that RiRi should take a moment to enjoy the accomplishment, it's worth noting that a couple other hitmakers are nearing the 100 million mark as well, with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry right now sitting at 88 million and 79 million singles sold, respectively, despite any bad blood that may exist between them. Of course, with the music video for Bitch Better Have My Moneybreaking the Internet this morning (having already amassed over four million views), it's safe to say Rihanna is continuing to bolster her total as I write this.

[By Brendan Varan. He's watching the "BBHMM" video for the 10th time. Follow him on Twitter.]



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