"Thot" Sues 2 Chainz for $5 Million, Does She Have a Point?

She claims Chainz ruined her life when he put her on blast for millions to see. Who's to blame?

It's hard out here for a pimp. 2 Chainz, aka Tity Boi, aka Tauheed Epps is being sued for the large sum of $5 million by a woman who recently appeared in a video with the ATL rapper (via TMZ). The woman, who's name is Christine Chisholm, was apparently invited backstage by Tity affiliate Cap 1 after a March 20 show. No doubt enamored by the glamour and exclusivity of a backstage hangout with 2 Chainz, she instead encounters quite a different scenario.

"Is this yo thot?" asks 2 Chainz, not only establishing a hashtag on the spot but setting off a round of laughter in the room. The term "thot" (we all know it means some version of "that hoe over there" by now, right?) is thrown around a few times as the woman is asked some questions before being asked to leave. The infamous recording of the situation made its way to YouTube, where it was viewed over 10 million times before eventually being taken down, likely in response to the lawsuit. Fortunately (well, unfortunately for the woman), a new upload has surfaced, which you can watch below. 

Besides being the question of the millenium, "Is this yo thot?" may also end up costing the rapper a hefty sum. Chisholm, formerly employed at a barber shop, is seeking $5 million in damages, alleging that the internet infamy caused her the loss of her job and damage to her reputation, in addition to emotional damages resulting from the ensueing harassment and public abuse. On the surface it's easy to dismiss her claims as legal golddigging, and there's likely some truth in that line of thought, but does she have a point? It's one thing to joke around with someone, it's another to put someone on blast and then upload the results for the world to see. It's a legitimately scary and increasingly common thought. The more connected we become as a world, the more wary we need to be of the ever-present likelihood of ending up a viral YouTube punchline, and becoming an internet punchline can have serious real world consequences. The memes, gifs and viral videos are hilarious... until you're the joke. People have had their lives legitimately destroyed by whims of the internet

$5 million seems like a lot, but the cost of being that #isthisyothot girl for the rest of your life is also pretty high. Some readers might be saying, "if she didn't want to be called a 'thot' she shouldn't have put herself in that position!" Fair enough, especially considering the enthusiasm with which she advertises her Instagram username after realizing the whole world would see the video. There's plenty of blame to go around here, and whether there's $5 million dollars worth of blame to be thrown Chainz' way is now up to the courts to decide. But thot or not, backstage with rappers, sending an ill-advised tweet or simply being roped into an internet prank, in an age where our lives and mistakes can become food for public ridicule in literally seconds, it's worth asking where the lines between privacy and public entertainment are, and who's responsible when those lines are crossed.  

Plus...Tity Boy seems especially resistant to this thot's presence for someone with a hit song named "I Luv Dem Strippers." I can't lie, the mere idea of this becoming a contested point in a court of law is comedy gold. 

[By Brendan Varan. His writing is based on a T.R.U. story. Follow him on Twitter.]



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