Chief Keef to Hold Benefit Concert for Family of Toddler Killed in Crash

Keef raises money for family of tragically killed 1-year-old Dillon Harris.

Much has been made of Chief Keef and his involvement in the continuing violence in the Chicago area, notably amongst the city's youth. His rise to prominence fed off of and glorified the "Chiraq" mentality, but now seems that years after Keef's initial breakthrough he's undergone quite a transformation, now actively distant from the violence that plagued his earlier years and (at least at the moment) exploring a sound more in tune with personal reflection and emotion. Now, in the wake of a recent shooting that left his friend dead, as well as a toddler who was struck and killed as the shooter was fleeing the scene, Chief Keef plans to hold a concert later this week to benefit the family of the child (via Chicago Tribune). 

Dillan Harris made it to only his first birthday before his stroller was tragically struck last Saturday in Keef's native South Side of Chicago. Just a half-hour prior, the same suspect was involved in the shooting of Keef associate and fellow Windy City rapper Capo, who also passed away. This Friday, the rapper will appear in concert - via hologram, no less - from a soundstage near his Beverly Hills home. While the concert itself will be free to attend, patrons are encouraged to make donations in order to benefit the Harris family. 

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"Heartbroken and appalled" at the situation, Chief Keef wanted to help out the family, though is forced to appear in the show virtually as he is still battling outstanding warrants. He also announced the formation of the brand new Stop the Violence Now Foundation, poised to curb neighborhood crime in the area. This is obviously a far cry from just a few years ago, when the passing of a fellow Chi-Town rapper was met with a less-than-sentimental response from Keef and his camp.

Obviously, this is a move to be applauded. For an artist once synonymous with violence and a lack of direction, this new Keef seems to be an increasingly enlightened individual, more cognizant of his position as a role model to young fans and concerned with using his influence to achieve positive results. His most recent single, "Ain't Missing You," is a lighthearted, touching tribute to another fallen friend. Hopefully, this ushers in a new era for Sosa and leads to some much-needed progress in the ongoing battle for peace in Chicago.

[By Brendan Varan. He dares you not to "Love Sosa" now. Follow him on Twitter.]



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