Chance The Rapper Says He's Working on a "Collab Effort" with Kanye West

Chance says that he and Kanye are working on a collab album with other Chicago artists.

Unless you are an regular viewer of ABC 7's Windy City Live in Chicago, you may have missed this bombshell of a quote from Chance The Rapper:

"Me and uh, and Kanye and a lot of Chicago artists and a lot of dope artists are working on a collaborative effort that will be released tentatively."

Well, there you have it. Only one sentence and this possible project is already near the top of our most anticipated list. It's surprising that the two have yet to collaborate to this point. Chance's respect for Kanye is longstanding and well-documented, and earlier this year, he posted a picture of the two of them to his Instagram. Signaling his own appreciation, Kanye shouted out the young phenom onstage and referred to him as one of the most talented young, new artists.

I'll admit, the news seemed a little forced out of Chance, and it seems that as opposed to a Watch The Throne-esque album from the duo, we should expect something from a broader cast of characters. After the excellent group effort spawned from the collective consciences of The Social Experiment on Surf, however, this might turn out to be a good thing. It's only right that we speculate on who these "dope," "Chicago" artists should be, and who would be involved in a "perfect Chicago hip-hop project."

Obviously, we start with Chance and Kanye. Kanye has been the face of the city's hip-hop since his emergence, though Chance makes for a solid competitor for the next generation of artists and fans (that said, Ye is still the GOAT). After hearing Surf, I'd be hard-pressed to exclude Donnie Trumpet or the remaining Social Experiment members, which throws Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair Jr. and Nate Fox into the mix. Vic Mensa, who's already shown a propensity to working with Ye, would need to make his voice heard. 

We can't forget the legends, so verses/production and veteran guidance will be needed from Common, Lupe, Twista and No I.D. (bonus points for a record with Do Or Die). To cover the new school, I'm going to need contributions from all the Lil's (Bibby, Durk, and Herb), Mick Jenkins, Lucki Eck$, Rockie Fresh, Saba, and NoName. An unironic placement of Chief Keef is necessary, while an ironic placement of Yung Berg would cause no argument from me. Hooks can and should be provided by the old and (arguably) new kings of R&B, R. Kelly and Jeremih. To top it all off, a spoken word intro from Malik Yusef and an outro that transitions from a King Louie verse into GLC's slick preaching a la "Poe Man's Dream." Boom.

If this album is actually recorded and released, and we get even half of the involvement I just named, the project could be legendary. Obviously right now it's just a shade above a pipe dream, but it's great to speculate on what could be. Also, how great would it be if every city banded together for a collaborative project made completely from local talent and with the intention of outdoing every other city? Maybe I'm drunk, but at least a man can dream. At the very least, it looks likely that we'll hear a record with Chance and Kanye at some point, and even the faint possibility of that actually happening is good enough for me.