Top 3 Picks for Song of the Summer (So Far)

A midsummer report on the songs that are dominating the world's summer season.
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I heard some NBA teams recently drafted some tall men to throw a ball through a hoop. I don't particularly care. In France thousands are watching enthralled as a heaving pack of cyclists compete for their sports highest honor. Whatever. The only competition I'm interested in right now is the Song of the Summer title. 

Before the weather even began heating up I started nominating candidates for the songs I thought might end up defining the summer months, and now that July is halfway through, it's the perfect time to see where the nominees currently stand. And since I'm also on a mission to get out of my American bubble, I'm challenging myself to figure out now just the song of the summer for the good ol' US of A, but the entire world.

So if you're like me and you've been watching the Billboard charts more intently than the NBA draft, hit the link below to see our top three picks for the global song of the summer (so far). 

Top 3 Picks for Song of the Summer 2015