The Black Eyed Peas Take us to "Yesterday," Swap Fergie for Classic Hip-Hop

The veteran group returns with a hip-hop heavy new single off their upcoming album.

Did you miss The Black Eyed Peas? Don't answer that. Instead press play on the brand new music video from the group for their latest single, "Yesterday," debuted on Apple Music. The record takes us back in time, not only to a time of old-school hip-hop classics but also a time before 2002, when Fergie first joined the group. That's right, you won't see nor hear Fergie in the video. In case you don't remember or are unfamiliar, the Peas existed long before Fergie's arrival and their metamorphosis into a more pop/EDM/R&B-sounding band. Seeing that we have reached the 20-year anniversary of their debut, it only makes sense that, and Taboo return to their former, alternative hip-hop roots in celebration.

The Peas are currently gearing up for the release of their first album since 2010's The Beginning. Obviously, the lack of Fergie and her involvement in the project remains a huge question, especially as she's arguably the biggest star; it was not until she joined the group that they grew to be one of the best-selling acts of all-time. Considering that Fergie has been working on her sophomore solo album, evidenced by last year's annoyingly catchy L.A.LOVE (la la), only time will tell whether or not the group has made an official split.

Regardless, "Yesterday" is a refreshing ode to legendary artists that inspired The Black Eyed Peas. The song samples hits from Onyx, Black Sheep, Audio Two, Ol Dirty Bastard, N.W.A., Wu-Tang and the Beastie Boys, just to name a few. The video illustrates the narrative in very dope fashion, as the Peas recreate and breathe life into a host of classic album covers. It's great to see the group return to their roots and pay homage, especially considering the massive success they achieved when they first broke away from that sound. Let's hope their upcoming album lives up to its lead single.

Also, for your enjoyment, here's an amazing mashup that sheds light on the inspiration behind one of the group's biggest hits.

[By Brendan Varan. He is a huge fan of the BEP classic Joints & Jam. Follow him on Twitter.]