From Boogie to Kendrick, The Rap Power Rankings (July, 2015)

Off the strength of his debut, Boogie is hanging with the big boys.
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Arguments made over Power Rankings usually are centered around the order of those who are listed, not whether someone deserves to be ranked in the first place. If you take a glance at this month's selections, however, you could reasonably make a case for setting aside Boogie, a Los Angeles rapper whose "Oh My" single has steadily gained buzz over the past few months, as the odd ball. But we'd encourage you not to do so. With increased awareness around his debut album, The Reach, his place (this month) among industry standard-bearers like Kendrick, Drake and Big Sean is deserved.

The entire reason we embarked on this year long project with Green Label was to attempt to figure out just what power and success means in music. We spend so much time debating rapper rankings, but with very little agreement on what we're actually ranking.

If you're curious where artists like Meek Mill and Future, both of whom are currently riding a hot streak, are situated in our rankings, you're just going to have to hit that link below for the full run down. 

The Rap Power Rankings (July, 2015)