How 'Bout Now: Drake's Alleged Ghostwriter Quentin Miller Denies Claim

Drizzy's alleged ghostwriter address rumors, speculation with Tumblr explanation.

Finally! In the wake of the semi-scandal spurred by a Meek Mill Twitter rant that sent the Internet into an uproar about the morality of rappers having assistance with their lyrics, the man who has allegedly been ghostwriting for Drake has broken his silence. Quentin Miller, the man everyone's been waiting to hear from, took to Tumblr today to explain how he and Drake connected and comment on his involvement - or lack thereof, rather - in Drake's songwriting process. 

Miller begins by shedding some light on his situation before ever speaking with the Toronto hitmaker, and how Drake first contacted him last winter. Upon hearing that Miller was working in a bakery, Drizzy exclaimed, "fuck that, your destined for greatness" and invited the up-and-coming artist to join him in the studio. In the post, he remains adament that he is "not and never will be a 'ghostwriter'" for Drake, and that while they may have collaborated, the album was mostly finished by that point and he openly received credit for all involvement. Obviously very impressed with Drake's studio acumen, he mentions how Drizzy would "piece together words" in front of him, how he would "write/ replace bars 2- 3 at a time" on "6PM In New York" and how he freestyled "Madonna." 

Winter 2014… I was just another guy working a job he hated with a passion for music…. And somehow found myself on the phone with One of my idols.. 

i told him i worked in a bakery and his exact words were “Fuck that, your destined for greatness"…

Hearing that from someone that I’ve been  studying since 2009, bar for bar…. Theres no way to describe that..

Most of the project was done before i came in the picture.. i remember him playing it for me for the first time thinking "Why am I here?” like.. what does he need me for?? 

The answer is.. Nothing…   

I watched this man piece together words in front of me…

I watched him write/ replace bars 2- 3 at a time on 6pm in NY.. I witnessed him light up, go in and freestyle madonna….

I took notes from the best in the game….

I remember him Showing me the thank you notes in NY before the album dropped.. Showing me the QM, telling me they put me on the credits (Ghostwritter???) … He attached  my name to something that touched the world..

When nobody would pay attention, drake saw something in me and reached out… Of all people… drizzy..

Two artist in exact opposite spaces in their career.. We came together and made something special..

I am not and never will be a “ghostwriter” for drake.. Im proud to say that we’ve collaborated .. but i could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together .. 

Thats all i have to say on it.. back to this 1317 shit…

- Q.M.

So what does Drake need Quentin Miller for, according to Quentin Miller? "Nothing." The most interesting quote is "i could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together." So basically, he isn't taking credit for anything, but he is taking credit for the songs they worked on together. Ha, okay. Anyway, he also highlights the irony of everyone using the term "ghostwriter" in this situation, noting how he is very clearly included in the credits and pointing out the ridiculousness with a liberal use of question marks.

Quentin unfortunately does not go into detail about what portions he may have contributed to the album specifically (his version of "10 Bands" sounded pretty damn similar to Drake's), but this does help shine a light on how someone who's worked closely with Drake feels about his craft and the creative process. Now we can only wait and hope that Drake decides to directly respond. His fans are waiting.

[By Brendan Varan. F*ck that, he's destined for greatness. Follow him on Twitter.]



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