This Vintage Eminem Interview From 1999 Is Amazing

We dug up an old Slim Shady interview that truly captures his unique persona.

Busy week, huh?

Lets recap. We were served beef, beef, and a side of Future.

Sure I’ve cracked a few jokes here and there, but for the most part, I’ve been extremely out of the loop. Earlier this week, I fell down a rabbit hole and I’ve been stuck in late 90’s ever since. I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at this whole internet digging thing and this next one is the ultimate find; it’s Jordan in his prime. It’s Lebron in the NBA Finals, but if he actually won. Too bad you are going to have to wait until next week to read it. Still, there’s literally so much incredible stuff I have dug up, I had to share some of it.

When I finally emerged from the rabbit hole back into the present day, the first thing that popped up was Eminem’s new freestyle on Sway. Anytime Eminem raps, the universe stops and listens; it doesn’t matter what Meek tweets. Here’s an unpopular opinion, though; I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, from a technical aspect it’s astounding—Marshall remains one of, if not the best rapper on the planet—but the content just didn’t hit me. His rhymes used to be considered shocking—“HE SAID THAT?!?! ABOUT HER?!?!—but now they feel forced, played out. Eminem’s off-color, shock value raps just don’t work for me anymore. That magic is gone. What hammered home this feeling is a video I dug up not three hours before the latest freestyle broke the internet.

In 1999, Eminem conducted one his very first interviews with Davey D on Breakdown Radio.

Holy shit. This is A-mazing. I love this. So many gems. Even the first 45 seconds are hilarious. Eminem switches up his name a handful of times and Davey, the interviewer clearly has no idea what Em is talking about.  We know and love all of Eminem’s alter ego’s, from Ken Kaniff to Slim Shady, but back then it was all new, inventive, pure fucking craziness. Hardly anyone knew just what he was all about. I mean, Davey thought he was Kid Rock!!! Kid Rock? Hard to believe he used to rap. The part where they talk about his hair is amazing, too; I’d both love and be frightened to witness Eminem on the drug binge that made him originally dye his hair.

I’ve always loved Eminem because he’s so radically different, but that difference, that edge, has become the norm over time. I’m not faulting him, it’s impossible to be the same person he was back then, but I’d love to hear him try and channel some of that Slim Shady. There was a point where he was making music that nobody else was or could and I still believe he has that ability, but it feels like that ship has sailed. I’m sure it’s hard after all these years and all the success, but Eminem has never backed down from a fight (Southpaw, out in theatres now!) and I’d hate to see him start now.



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