Styles P Reveals Daughter Committed Suicide in Heartbreaking Post

The D-Block emcees reveals to the world that his daughter's passing was a suicide.

With the good comes the bad, with joy comes pain, and in life there will always be unfortunate news and events to balance out the positive.

That's the reality for Styles P - legendary rapper, L.O.X. member, author and entrepreneur - who took to Instagram yesterday to reveal that his daughter, who passed away last month, had committed suicide.

Though he's been known as one of hip-hop's premier "gangsters" throughout his career, Styles has always remained one of the game's more thoughtful and enlightened individuals. His compassion is evident from an Instagram letter, posted on Sunday, July 26, which details not only the pain and loss he and his family have experienced in the wake of his daughter's passing, but also the importance of family and friends in a world motivated by financial success and material pursuit. 

We offer Styles and his family our condolences. Sadly, sometimes it takes a tragic incident like this to help put things in perspective and help us all remember what truly matters. Hearing it from someone who's been there, done that and bought all of the things many of us have only dreamed about only hammers that point home. Remember what really matters, people. 

We all deal with loss in different ways and to varying degrees, but many of us turn to music. I figured this was as good a place as any to share one of my personal favorites for when someone close to you passes on - and it just so happens to be from Styles himself. 

[By Brendan Varan. He still gets chills every time he hears "My Brother." Follow him on Twitter.]



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