From Joey Bada$$ to Chance The Rapper, Indie Artists Are Beating the Majors

In 2015 you don't have to sign to a major to become a major artist.
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When you think about indie music you think about songs that are honest, songs that have heart, songs that aren't tainted by the major label's drive to make money. You think about art. But while for decades an indie artist dedicated to practicing that kind of raw art meant that they had to live life on the margins of music, the times have changed. 

In 2015 there are indie artists who are routinely selling more albums, packing more fans into move venues, than anyone on a major label. 

Case in point, while many might peg him as an "underground" hip-hop rapper, Joey Badass' last album, B4.DA.$$, sold over 50K copies its first week, more than major label and mainstream music darling Iggy Azalea. 

These days you don't have to sign with a major label to be a major artist, so we've paired with our friends at Pepsi Pulse to lay out five artists who the major labels wish they could sign. To find out our picks, hit that lovely link below—long live the indie artist.