The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" Video is Literally Fire

The Weeknd becomes engulfed in flames for the visuals to his big hit.

The Weeknd has been on fire the past few months, shattering records and taking the radio by storm with undeniably catchy tunes.

In his latest music video, for the Michael Jackson-inspired "Can't Feel My Face," he continues to set the stage ablaze, except this time around he is the one on fire... literally.

Premiered on Apple Music, the visuals begin with the Universal Republic alt-R&B star performing for a small room of onlookers at a swanky night club. By the time the second chorus hits however, a shady member of the audience flings an opener lighter on stage, engulfing the star in flames. Always the showman, The Weeknd doesn't miss a beat, continuing his dance routine while resembling Fantastic Four member The Human Torch.

Amusingly, the video unintentionally (or maybe intentionally?) will serve as a reminder of Michael Jackson's 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot, during which his hair caught on fire while taping. Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery.

"Can't Feel My Face" will appear on The Weeknd's forthcoming new album, Beauty Behind The Madness, due out later this summer.

[By DJ Z, aka @DJBooth.]



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