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Earl Sweatshirt Hints at Name Change, Doesn't Want to Be "a Joke Forever"

Earl tweets that he's "finna change my rap name," tells upset fans to lighten up.


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Earl may soon be taking off his sweatshirt for good. The LA-based rapper and former Odd Future member took to Twitter yesterday to reveal a possible switch in his rap moniker, as he seems to have found a name that suits him better than Earl Sweatshirt. The short-but-sweet "im finna change my rap name lol" tweet states his intention clearly, though the inclusion of the "lol" made it possible that the statement could have been in jest. Then again, he did follow it up with a succinct "dead ass," so there's that. 



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Earl went on to say, "it's not about hating my past I just found a flight name that makes me laugh more than earl sweatshirt does." The interesting part here is while that statement makes it seem like he's moving on to an even funnier name than his current one, he continues with "I'm not tryna be kind of a joke forever." His recent output, along with the rumors that his former group Odd Future seems to have officially broken up, has pointed to Earl moving in a more serious direction as an artist and away from the antics and shock-and-awe immaturity that defined early OF. All that considered, a name change makes sense, though not as much if he decides to switch to something that makes him "laugh more than earl sweatshirt does."

Fans immediately raised up in protest, as this is the Internet in 2015 and such is the only acceptable response to change. Earl seemed to brush it off, though, before dropping what could be an acceptable response for 99% of reactions these days: "y'all need to lighten up y'all mood man that shit not gon effect your life in any way." AMEN! The man has had his rap name since he was like 16-years-old, he should be able to go by whatever he damn well pleases. 

Anyway, you can go ahead and cue the speculation for what the new moniker might be. Some possible choices Earl is free to steal: Sweaty Earl, Earl Wind & Fire, Young Thebe, Theben Stevens, Early-E, Earl Grey, Earl Sheeran, The Black pEarl, Mr. Steal Yo Earl.... I'm done.

Hopefully this means we'll be hearing new material from Earl sooner rather than later, as he points to the name change coming in tandem with new music. "Just be on standby," people. His latest album, I Don't Like S**t, I Don't Go Outside is (really good and) available now.

[By Brendan Varan. He was compelled to hear Earl's "Dat Ass" while writing this. Follow him on Twitter.]


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