Apple Music Attracts Over 11 Million Users During Trial Period

Apple Music's trial period is attracting millions of subscribers, but will they stay?

Apple announced this morning that their new music streaming service, the imaginatively titled Apple Music, has attracted over 11 million subscribers to date, according to Reuters.

The service is still in its free trial period, which kicked off on June 30 and gives users a three month span with which to become familiar with the service before deciding if they want to begin paying for it on a monthly basis. Even better, almost two million of those subscribers chose the family plan option, which will up their monthly payment to $14.99 from $9.99/month.

So, how does this compare to some of the other players in the streaming industry? Well, TIDAL had about 770,000 at around the same one-month mark, and though JAY Z had said the service was "doing fine," although rumors of its upcoming demise have been heavily discussed.



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Apple seems to be well ahead of that mark, though it remains to be seen whether users will stick around after the conclusion of their free trial. If the current user base sticks with Apple once the pay period begins, it will already have over half the 20 million paying subscribers of Spotify. Then again, Spotify was started in 2006, which makes for a good nine year headstart over Apple's service.

If you're still on the fence, go ahead and sign up for the free trial. I shared my thoughts on Apple Music upon its launch, and while I may have been initially disappointed, I believe the service has enough promise to at least think about extending past the trial period. Especially considering Dr. Dre's new album will be streaming there later tonight. 

[By Brendan Varan. He's still disappointed about Apple Music's 'iCloud Music Library' functionality. Follow him on Twitter.]



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