Watch Future's Video for "I Serve The Base," It's Throwback Gold

Future wasn't lying about serving that base...

Arguably the hottest rapper at the moment (relax... I said arguably...and moment), Future makes no effort to hide his vices. Far from it, they are raised to reverential status. 

His chart-topping, latest album, DS2, is dope in audio form, a blunted open diary of exorbitant drug use and distribution. The block is hot in Future's world, which despite his recent stardom seems deeply entrenched in the trap and all it entails.




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In the midst of the "beef" between Drake and Meek Mill, authenticity is at the forefront of the collective hip-hop consciousness.

Perhaps realizing this, Future decided to end any doubts about whether or not he was actually serving that base with a new music video for one of the DS2's standout tracks, the "I Serve The Base." Set to the grindingly hypnotic production of Metro Boomin and Elijah Sacii, we see a compilation of old footage that finds a pre-Hendrix Future bringing lyrics to life in Atlanta's Zone 6, way back in the tall tee era. 

Elee Morgan directed the street visuals, and lends just a hint of dirty sprite purple to the hue for added effect.

Future's DS2 is available now.

UPDATE: Well, that was fun while it lasted. According to Future, the (highly interesting) video was comprised of stolen footage, is not official, and has been taken down. Too bad, honestly.

[By Brendan Varan. "Groupies" changed his life for the better. Follow him on Twitter.]



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